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The devolo Powerline adapters are Internet amplifiers that bring the signal to any room over the electrical wiring. This simply requires plugging in an adapter at the router and another one at the location where your Internet connection is lacking. You can expand your network to include up to eight adapters to fit the size of your home. 

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  • What is Powerline?
  • What makes Powerline different from a repeater?
  • Do I need a LAN or a WiFi connection?
  • Is my router compatible?

What is Powerline?

Powerline technology makes it possible to use the existing power network for data transfer. This lets you implement a network wherever there are power sockets, without complicated and often expensive LAN cabling. Other names for Powerline technology include PowerLAN, PLC (Powerline Communication) and dLAN (direct LAN). Powerline adapters are available with Ethernet ports and WiFi, making it possible to provide an Internet connection to any and all desired end devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles or smart TVs, and at any location in the home.

What makes Powerline different from a repeater?

WiFi repeaters are mostly suitable for extending a WiFi signal on a single floor, as long as there are not many obstacles blocking the signal transfer, such as walls. However, repeaters rarely provide a solution to WiFi connection problems across several floors. They require very open room architecture.  


The ideal solution for improved WiFi reception, since the data being transferred are also being transferred further over long distances. Installation is carried out using encryption buttons on the devices (pairing) or using our "Cockpit" software tool. In addition, the WiFi network can be expanded as needed by adding more adapters.

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Do I need a LAN or a WiFi connection?

WiFi ensures flexible home use for devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Not to mention that these devices often lack an option for a wired Internet connection. In most cases, WiFi is also the top choice for browsing the Internet outside, such as on the balcony, out on the patio or in the work shed.

A LAN connection is always the go-to option when speed and large amounts of data are the decisive factors. This is the case for console gaming or streaming HD videos on a smart TV. Thankfully, there are Powerline adapters with WiFi and Ethernet connections, which means you don't have to choose just one or the other.

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Is my router compatible?

Good news: Choosing devolo means that you always have assured compatibility, since all the usual router models are supported.

If you already own devolo products and are looking to expand your network by adding new devices, you're also in luck. All types in the 200, 500, 550, 650, 1000 and 1200 speed classes are compatible with each other.


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Powerline adapters are a cost-effective and helpful networking alternative for any location without structured network wiring. Especially in buildings or residences lacking network cables or where updating the wiring would be expensive and complicated, Powerline adapters provide networking at high transmission rates.


Compared to pure WiFi networking, adapters present an advantage in that the signal is not impeded by walls or reinforced concrete ceilings. In addition, neighbouring WiFi access points do not have the potential of impeding the function of your own WiFi by operating on the same frequency ranges.

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