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The top-ten applicant questions

Founder and sole member of the Management Board Heiko Harbers responds to questions from applicants.

Here is an overview of the ten most important questions.

What value is placed on employees at devolo?

Employees are the most important asset of a company – they are decisive for success. I place great value on a good relationship and having friendly as well as respectful dealings with each other. What is extremely important for me, is the team concept supported by short communication channels in a flat hierarchy.

What advanced training exists at devolo?

Internal advanced training is an important, integral element of human resources development at devolo. This is the case for specialist advanced training as well as provision of language support by in-house English courses.

What career and development opportunities are offered?

"Development through responsibility" is the idea here. Every employee has the opportunity to develop further professionally, to expand their area of responsibility and, in doing so, to build up their career at devolo.

What is the proportion of individual work and teamwork?

In all areas of devolo we have a high proportion of teamwork supported by regularly held project and team meetings for coordination of our objectives. Evaluation of an employee depends to a large extent on the personal commitment to devolo on the part of each individual.

How does the familiarisation phase work?

A sound familiarisation phase is the basis for good development in the company. Consequently, this subject is taken very seriously at devolo and correspondingly encouraged by department heads. During this phase, regular feedback meetings are essential as a support for the first steps in the company.

What does my workplace at devolo look like?

The new devolo company building is tailored fully to our requirements. We place value on working together in small offices with 2 to 3 employees per room. Communication is aided by conference rooms and a communication area on every floor. We do not believe in classic open-plan offices at devolo.

How are the working hours regulated?

We have a 40-hour working week (Monday to Friday) which every employee can organise with maximum flexibility. Specifically, every employee is required to be present at least 4 hours a day. Beyond this, they can freely choose when and how much to work. The normal working hours from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. should naturally be taken into consideration.

How is the company structured?

public limited company with 99 percent of its shares owned by the Management Board. In this respect, devolo is an owner-operated company with stable growth, and which finances this growth from its earned capital.

Which management style can I expect?

devolo employs a cooperative and goal-oriented management style. All employees are given clear objectives and opportunities for successful development in the company. The foundation for this are the previously mentioned feedback meetings that are also held regularly after the familiarisation period.

How is the company equipped – what is the situation with safety equipment and environmental protection?

Safety and environmental protection are important elements of everyday work at devolo. It goes without saying that all standards with regard to environmental and occupational safety guidelines are met. In addition to modern workplaces in office areas, our employees have excellent technical equipment for development and marketing of future-oriented products.