Powerline modules - Green PHY products

dLAN Green PHY Module

  • E-Mobility: Module for vehicle-to-grid communication for charging e-vehicles
  • Internet of Things: Extensive application development kit including manual (https://github.com/devolo/dlan-greenphy-sdk)
  • Rapid Prototyping: The module allows customer Powerline solutions to be developed for your prototypes

dLAN Green PHY eval board II

  • Evaluation platform for the dLAN Green PHY modules over power, coaxial or twisted-pair cables
  • Enables PLC-to-Ethernet bridging in the basic settings – that's how you get started with e-mobility without going to the effort of programming at the module
  • 2 MikroElektronika Click Boards that can be integrated as a communication interface, sensor or actuator using an SDK

Green PHY Module V2

  • Data communication between electric vehicle (EV) and charging station (EVSE)
  • Standardised charging cable communication in accordance with ISO 150118
  • Based on Qualcomm QCA7006 Green PHY chip
  • Optimum time-to-market, thanks to integrated Ethernet and SPI port