devolo dLAN

dLAN is a former product line from devolo that uses Powerline technology to transmit data through electrical wiring. Because of its pioneering role, the term dLAN is often used interchangeably with Powerline technology (or PowerLAN), but it has now been replaced by the faster Magic series.

dLAN® 1200

dLAN® 1200+ WiFi ac

  • Gaming, streaming and rapid transfer of data (NAS) with Wi-Fi ac in Gigabit speed.
  • Always the best Wi-Fi connection thank to the mesh functionality.
  • Two LAN connections in Gigabit speed for smart TV, console or PC.

dLAN® 1200+

  • Lightning-fast connection at speeds up to 1,200 Mbps.
  • Even higher performance with range+ Technology.
  • Integrated Gigabit LAN port for fast streaming, gaming and data transfer.

dLAN® 550

dLAN® 550 WiFi

  • The ideal combination of compact design, dLAN® Powerline and WiFi.
  • Powerline data transmission at speeds up to 500 Mbps. (via LAN port)
  • WiFi at speeds up to 300 Mbps.

dLAN® 550 duo+

  • Fast Internet connection at speeds up to 500 Mbps..
  • The integrated socket ensures that no electrical outlet in the room is lost.
  • Equipped with 2 Fast Ethernet LAN ports for connecting two network-compatible devices.