Products from devolo: compatible with each other and all commonly used routers


You want to improve your WiFi and wonder whether devolo’s solutions will work with your existing system? Then we have good news for you:devolo gives you reliable compatibility at all times, since it supports all commonly used router models. If you are already using devolo products and now want to expand your network with newer devices, you can. All types of the 200, 500, 550, 650, 1000, and 1200 speed classes are entirely compatible with each other.

What reduces routers’ WiFi performance?

You are using your router’s WiFi signal, but are dissatisfied with its speed, stability, and range? There are various sources of interference that can be considered:

Structural conditions: Thick concrete ceilings or metallic walls can attenuate the signal and keep it from propagating to its maximum range.

Electrical devices and signals:Electrical devices running in the area, such as microwaves or other WiFi routers, can hinder the signal if they use the same wireless channel.

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First-aid optimisation for WiFi – for all commonly used internet routers

If you would like to optimise your WiFi, you have several options for doing so. We will first present the classical methods, which are, of course, always worth trying. However, in the long term, they are much less effective than what we consider to be the best option: WiFi optimisation with our Powerline adapters. The adapters are reliably compatible, provide a disruption-free, wireless internet connection from the wall socket, and function perfectly in combination with all commonly used routers, no matter what brand.

Tip 1: Rethink the location

To have good WiFi reception everywhere, it is important to find an optimal location for your router. It should be open and central so that it can reach as many rooms as possible. Elevating the router can also enhance the WiFi signal. The device should never be behind heavy furniture or hidden in a drawer. This often reduces connection quality.

Tip 2: Set transmission power

Incorrect router configuration can also impede WiFi performance. If your router allows flexible adjustment of transmission power, select the maximum value. This is the only way to maximise range. You can also experiment with the router aerials. Simply test several positions until you have found the best one.

Tip 3: Select the frequency band

Many networks use the 2.4 GHz band. This can cause reception problems and reduce speed. Call up the WiFi router’s configuration tool or use a special WiFi tool. This allows you to see which of the 13 channels in the 2.4 GHz band are being used by neighbouring networks. In the 5 GHz band, fewer channels are used. But that doesn’t mean that you should never use the 2.4 GHz band – there are, after all, lots of older devices that support only 2.4 GHz.

Tip 4: Rethink the router model

Is your router an older model? Then there may be a limit to its speed. And it may not have integrated modern standards that improve WiFi. This includes MIMO technology, for instance. MIMO (multiple inputs – multiple outputs) allows the router to use its aerials to automatically send the WiFi signal in different directions. This increases both range and speed.

Tip 5: Optimising with devolo adapters

Are you still dissatisfied because your expectation of a perfect internet connection has still not been fulfilled? Our products can provide you with a more sustainable solution to the problem of poor, unreliable reception.The router you use isn't relevant for the system.

You can expand the resulting WiFi network at any time by adding more Powerline adapters.The devolo series are compatible with each other. Two Powerline adapters are always used together: one is connected to your router, and the other is connected with cables to up to three terminal devices or wirelessly via the WiFi function with mobile terminal devices.

You can finally stream films, play online games, chat, or surf without interruptions or lags in your own home.

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