devolo – Partner of international telecommunications providers

When it comes to reliable high-performance home networking, for over 15 years many international telcos and ISPs have relied on a proven partner: devolo.


We help them meet their customers' desire for strong, stable Internet and seamless Wi-Fi in every corner of the home. devolo’s proven solutions are easy to install and ensure a perfect end-to-end experience. This results in lower service costs and therefore an increasing NPS. The long-term trust of our partners is based on these key aspects: technology leadership, expert knowledge from retail markets as well as production and logistics – plus a unique service orientation and flexibility.

Fiber-optic speed throughout the home – without new cabling and with best location

The need for fast internet connections at home is growing. In the wake of digitalisation, homeschooling and more and more workers in home offices, the internet connection must not only be stable but also offer high transmission rates.


Internet over fiber-optics meets both criteria and is also prepared for future speed upgrades. This white paper explains the fiber optic technology and its advantages, presents the connection issues and shows how an alternative connection option can make expensive and complex cabling obsolete.

FTTH products

Fiber speed to the center of the home

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Why devolo?

Why our partners trust us

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Home networking products

Mesh Wi-Fi and PLC perfectly combined

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Use cases

Typical challenges faced by telcos and ISPs

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Examples of projects with international partners

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