WiFi repeater or Powerline – which technology is right for me?

A router signal is often inadequate to supply a house or a large flat with WiFi.Internet reception is often weak just where it is needed the most. Connections are interrupted. The cheapest way of expand WiFi coverage is a so-called repeater. These devices can expand the WiFi area covered by routers to include a room that is directly adjacent, but does not improve the router’s overall signal strength. The Powerline technology we call dLAN, on the other hand, provides WiFi reception at a distance of several rooms.


We will help you make the right decision.

This is what the different devices do


Good reception in the direct vicinity oft he router – large distances and obstacles such as ceilings and walls weaken the Wi-Fi signal.

Router and Repeater

A weakened signal is transmitted – the larger the distance and the greater the obstacles, the weaker the Wi-Fi reception!

Router and Powerline

Top-notch Wi-Fi reception! The signal is transmitted over the electrical wiring – no signal loss over large distances. Ceilings and walls are no obstacle!

  • The WiFi repeater
  • The Powerline solution

The WiFi repeater

The WiFi repeater is set up via web browser or WPS (WiFi Protected Setup). If you use WPS, all the information you need is how long to keep the WPS button on the router pressed. Our WiFi repeaters give you continuous information about signal strength using the LED display. The adapters comply with common WiFi standards and are therefore compatible with all common WiFi routers.


  • low acquisition costs and compact design, ideal for small flats 
  • Ethernet/LAN port for external LAN devices

✖      halves the transmission bandwidth (high loss)

✖      not suitable for use in large flats or houses or across several storeys


Summary: WiFi repeaters are especially suited to expanding the WiFi signal on the same storey if there are few obstacles such as walls to impair signal transmission. But WiFi repeaters are ill-suited to solving WiFi connectivity problems across storeys; for them to work, the architecture of the space must be quite open.


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The Powerline solution

Our WiFi-capable Powerline adapters carry the internet signal over the power lines. This brings the signal to every room on every floor. All you need is at least two dLAN adapters, one of which you connect to the router, plugging the other into a power socket where you need WiFi.


  • Hardly any signal loss
  • Flexible use throughout the house, even at a distance of several rooms
  • Set up just as simple as a repeater
  • Ideal for multi-media applications
  • Enjoy HD streaming without delays
  • Stable online gaming on video game consoles or via PC


Summary: The ideal solution for improved WiFi reception, since the data transfer is accomplished even over great distances. Installation is by means of the encryption button on the adapters (pairing) or via our “Cockpit” computer tool. The WiFi network can also be expanded by adding with as many additional adapters as you need.


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Information about WiFi reception for routers and repeaters that you need to keep in mind

Structural conditions ...

...such as reinforced concrete walls and ceilings, solid masonry walls, and underfloor heating can have a damping effect on the WiFi signal.

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Signals ...

...that are transmitted by a neighbouring WiFi system can step on the WiFi signal to a certain extent.

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Electrical devices ...

... speakers, microwaves and devices using Bluetooth frequencies cause additional interference so that there are rooms without internet.

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The WiFi solution

If these factors apply to your situation, we recommend dLAN adapters with WiFi that extend the signal through the power line to the desired room and provide reliable WiFi there.


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