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With Powerline technology by devolo, you are always optimally connected to the Internet at home. In no time at all, the attic becomes a home office, the kitchen a 4-star restaurant and the living room an entertainment paradise. Wherever the signal from your router has been insufficient or weak, Powerline opens the door to undisturbed online enjoyment.

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Powerful Internet for all applications

Home Office

This is how you work effectively from home.

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Streaming without annoying loading bars.

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The ideal ping, anywhere in the house.

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Energy Management

Photovoltaics and e-mobility, efficiently connected.

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Wi-Fi in the Kitchen

Enjoy online tutorials, recipe ideas, music, podcasts, and convenient smart kitchen features.

Wi-Fi in the Garden

Look forward to video, music, and audiobook streams in the hammock, informative online tutorials, and clever gardening aids.

Wi-Fi in the Bathroom

With fast Wi-Fi in the bathroom, you can create an oasis of well-being.

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