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Home Networking

Home Networking
devolo Powerline Technology (english)
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Telcos & ISPs

Telcos & ISPs
devolo Giga Bridge - the key to an efficient fiber rollout
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Telcos & ISPs
Solve the FTTH deployment challenge using the existing wiring
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Wi-Fi is ubiquitous and should get smarter

Wi-Fi will remain the dominant mode of connectivity in the home environment, but the current device-centric networks have much to improve on. Our white paper explains how this can be achieved.

Intelligent Smart Wi-Fi Brings Mobility To Your Home

Your customers want to freely roam their home. Cut their Wi-Fi boundaries. The highest court in Germany has ruled that Internet access is a basic human right. While access to the Internet is important, people are expecting a lot more than that. They want broadband access which means they want to be connected everywhere. This standard is expected by most people, especially business people and the growing younger populations who view this as a 'natural resource’.

PLC & WiFi

Learn about PLC technology and its advantages compared to other data transmission options and demonstrate the enormous future potential PLC technology offers as a backbone.
Mann und Frau sitzen jeweils auf dem Couch und Boden und streamen auf dem Tablet und Laptop.

Delivering the UHD Content Distribution Utopia

Main challenge for operators is to provide enough bandwidth in full coverage (100% of the home) to transport UHD content from the home gateway to any place within the home where the final customer wants to access those services.

Make your services whole-home-ready!

The successful distribution of the internet signal, often via Wi-Fi, is influenced by certain characteristics of the home: Is it a detached house or an apartment in a multi-story building? Which materials are the walls made of? Where is the signal entry point into the home, and how is the router positioned? And maybe most importantly: Which method and which devices are used to distribute the internet signal within the home?
Eine Frau liegt auf dem Couch. Sie trägt Kopfhörer und schaut lächelnd auf dem Smartphone.

Convenience & intelligence in the network provides freedom to your customers

To meet the expectations of customers, carriers need a solution that addresses their demands. Ideally, this solution offers two things: First, the freedom to move around freely in your home while seamlessly roaming using the services delivered by high-speed access. Secondly, a straightforward way to let the customer manage his home network in the easiest and most convenient way possible.
Familie sitzt auf dem Couch im Wohnzimmer und schaut Fern. Der Mann hält die Fernbedienung.

Perfect in-home networks, today and tomorrow

It’s no secret: Looking at the average number of devices within households worldwide, there will be a major increase during the next years. According to a study1, the share of smartphones in Internet traffic will more than double by 2021 compared with 2017.