devolo opens people up to the diverse possibilities of the digital world: with high-performance home networking, a smart home portfolio that is easy to use and with solutions for the smart grid of the future. devolo is thus a driver of innovation in digitalisation – and has been since the company was founded in 2002.

Data as lifeblood

Digitalisation is one of the most frequently heard buzzwords today. Its lifeblood is data. These data flow through the cables as ones and zeroes and travel through the air while finding their path from transmitter to receiver. Even back in 2002, for devolo the most important objective was to design this path to be as efficient as possible – and Powerline Communication (PLC) was and is the means to achieve it.

PLC: Home networking reaches the mass market with devolo

The founding team, led by Heiko Harbers, recognised the potential of the technology for home networking early on. PLC uses the existing electrical wiring to transmit the Internet signal – just like a long data cable. As a result, PLC avoids the problem of pure Wi-Fi solutions. When these solutions are used, ceilings and walls slow down the signal.


Performance increases and commercial success is improved


Following the successful market launch, it only took until 2005 to sell the first one million practical power socket adapters. Today, millions of households throughout Europe and beyond use solutions from devolo to distribute the Internet signal in homes and flats at the highest speed over the power grid.

Over the years, the devices have become progressively more powerful: from an initially modest 14 kbps, transmission speeds of up to 2.4 Gbps have been achieved.

Simple adapter pairs have become multi-room kits that span a continuous network throughout the home with state-of-the-art mesh Wi-Fi functions. The current flagship products in the devolo portfolio rely on the most high-performance PLC generation as a strong backbone.

A pioneer evolves

Today, devolo is one of the leading home networking providers. This is not just true for end customers. For many years, the company has provided assistance to telecommunications providers, developing and producing individualised solutions for them – including firmware, packaging and logistics. Hardly any other player on the market has closer long-term partnerships with ISPs throughout Europe and beyond.

From home networking to the smart home

Digitalisation has many facets, even in our homes: Today, it is not only networked – it's smart. To make the plunge into the world of the smart home as easy as possible for users, devolo has developed the Home Control product series, which has components that can be connected in any combination and controlled via app or PC. Intuitive operation, customised rules: A completely personalised solution which saves energy, increases convenience and improves security can be created quickly.


Digitalisation encompasses all areas of our lives


Just as the home becomes a Smart Home, the mains supply becomes a smart grid, the factory a smart factory and the city a smart city. "Smart" has become not just another buzzword, but describes the profound change in business models and infrastructure that accompanies digitalisation.

devolo is actively shaping this change and, in doing so, contributing its years of expertise in various areas. Example of industrial projects: Globally active industry partners rely on devolo's exceptional expertise to make the most of the numerous possible applications for transmitting data over existing lines.

Research & development: Laying the foundation for the coming technology generations

devolo's multifaceted commitment is also based on a strong research and development team. The share of employees in the R&D department, 45 percent, is comparatively high – this is deliberate. For devolo, the motto "Engineered in Germany" is an important competitive distinction and an expression of the pursuit of the highest quality.

Thanks to in-house development strength, devolo can contribute to research and funding projects that lay the foundation for new generations of technology. Whether the IEEE standard or the E-Mobility Project of the EU: In recent years, devolo experts have made contributions to over 20 international projects, committees and standardisation organisations.


A look at the digital future


devolo has grown from a 25-person team in Aachen, Germany to a global company with approximately 300 employees. Owner-operated and characterised by a strong team spirit, the company is worthy of its place among the competition and has its sights set firmly on the digital future. After all, the era of digitalisation has only just begun…

The company at a glance:


Interlink science and business, support the technology region Aachen: We show commitment.

Corporate history

  • 2002

    devolo AG was founded

  • 2003

    Market launch of powerline products

  • 2004

    Development of a Europe-wide sales organisation

  • 2005

    World's first MicroLink dLAN® high-speed adapter with 85 Mbps

  • One million adapters delivered

  • 2007

    Data encryption at the touch of a button: devolo dLAN® 200 AVeasy

  • 2008

    dLAN® 200 AVplus – the first product with integrated power outlet and mains filter

  • First PLC-based Smart Metering solution with EnBW/Yello Strom

  • 2009

    devolo AG with global innovation Powerline DVB-S – dLAN® TV Sat

  • 2010

    Launch of dLAN® TV Sat 1300-HD

  • 2011

    Market launch of the dLAN® 500 AV product line

  • 2012

    devolo celebrates 10-year anniversary

  • First Smart Grid field test with Vattenfall for data communication in the smart grid

  • 2013

    Market launch of dLAN® 500 WiFi – the end of all Wi-Fi problems

  • Project start SPIDER and StromKom. Development of a smart meter gateway and a smart meter for the intelligent power grid

  • 2014

    devolo launches the first dLAN adapter with 1200 Mbps

  • 2015

    devolo enters the smart home market and launches the new product portfolio devolo Home Control

  • 2016

    Market launch of devolo GigaGate, the WiFi bridge for the multimedia centre

  • GreenTec Award for devolo and research project ENERGIE

  • 2017

    devolo celebrates 15-year anniversary

  • Moving to the new corporate headquarters in Aachen

  • 2018

    Market launch of devolo Magic

  • 2021

    devolo expands into the USA