1. Creating the perfect backbone for WiFi

Signal versus material


Bricks or reinforced concrete can block up to two third of a WiFi signal. Powerline Communications faces this issue: It transports the Internet signal over the existing wiring everywhere without being impeded by massive ceilings and thick walls. Thus, PLC creates the perfect backbone for whole-home WiFi.


G.hn based PLC: stronger than ever


PLC is used millions of times worldwide, devolo alone has shipped more than 40 million PLC products. The latest generation of PLC products based on G.hn Wave 2 makes the technology stronger than ever:

  • up to 2,4 Gbit/s (PHY rate)
  • more effective OFDM compared to HPAV2, better forward error correction
  • higher efficiency through TDMA as channel access method

2. Distributing Smart WiFi: intelligent, strong, seamless

A mobile network – but at home

Providing WiFi access points is no longer enough. Customers expect something smarter: A network that seamlessly covers the entire home and is as convenient as a mobile network. solutions from devolo create it – based on PLC as a strong backbone that carries the Internet signal everywhere, unimpeded by walls and ceilings.

Smart WiFi from devolo enables

  • Fast roaming & efficient use of frequency bands: Band Steering and
    Access Point Steering (802.11 k/v/r), Dynamic Frequency Selection
  • Optimal use of bandwidth: Airtime Fairness
  • Config Sync: handling of comfort features (time schedules, guest accounts)

3. Delivering IPTV/OTT services across the home

Keeping up with customer requirements

IPTV and OTT services continuously grow considerably; in the fourth quarter of 2018, users watched around one billion hours of films and series via streaming services – in Germany only. Distributing IPTV/OTT services therefore is a key use case for many telcos and ISPs. What do you need?

  • Strong, stable backbone: PLC solutions transport the IP signal everywhere, using the existing wiring, unimpeded by bricks and walls. Devices can be connected via LAN ports or WiFi.
  • Access everywhere: In well over 40 percent of the German homes e.g. there are over four power sockets per room. And anyone can become an access point.
  • Speed for service: Tests by devolo show, 90% of PLC-based network connections (G.hn) enable 4k VR and 95% of the connections enable minimum one 8k video stream

4. Combining proven retail solutions and individual services

Adapted but unique

For some devolo partners, it might not pay off to develop an individual OEM product, but at the same time, they want to provide their customers with a tailored home networking solution. devolo’s Service Set Plus meets this challenge:

  • Proven hardware meets individual firmware: Users receive devolo’s renown retail products, firmware, tailored to the needs of our partner, is installed automatically when plugged in for the first time, using TR-069
  • Continuous management and updates: Information on the device’s status can be delivered any time, updates can be rolled out regularly
  • Refurbishment on request: devolo takes care of the return and refurbishment of the devices, thus lowering service costs for telcos and ISPs