Best equipment for the home office

Give your home office an efficiency boost!

More and more companies are giving their employees the option of doing part of their work from home. The advantages are obvious: no more time and money spent on commuting, and you can organise your time more flexibly, which benefits child care and other areas of life.

But even if you don’t use your home as a workplace, private tasks such as preparing tax returns, changing insurance providers, and digital budgeting require a room that allows concentrated effort. It’s important for the internet to work reliably there.

These adapters will improve your internet connection

This is how you can work especially effectively from home!

1. Work and relax in separate locations

Even though it might be tempting to finish your projects from the comfort of your couch, make sure that you separate work spaces from relaxation spaces! This ensures that you are not distracted and that you can continue to relax in your favourite location at the end of the day. If you only have one room available for both, you can use a row of shelves to separate the two.

2. Make sure that your environment is free of distractions

Would you engage in private telephone conversations with friends or family during work hours if you were in you company’s offices? No? Then avoid it when you work from home, too. Let your loved ones know what times you are unavailable so that you can tackle your tasks in a concentrated manner.

3. Establish work rituals

Fixed rituals in your work processes help you to get into work mode. Among these rituals are fixed work procedures such as sorting tasks, but also dressing appropriately for work instead of wearing sweatpants the whole day.

4. Observe working times and breaks

Even though a home office offers new opportunities for work-life integration, begin and end your workday as close to the same time as you can each day, even when you are at home. You should also make sure that you take occasional breaks to maintain your energy level.

5. Organize your channels of communication

Taken together, e-mails, the telephone, smartphone messages, and other communication services can cause you to lose track of things from time to time. Prioritise the sequence of communication channels you want to use for work and create a structure that determines what channel is best for what type of communication.

6. Establish stable technical conditions

Nothing ruins concentration more than involuntary interruptions. Among the most irritating of these are slow computers and unstable internet connections. Ensure that all your components function optimally so that you don’t have to invest any of your energy in troubleshooting.

You want to work from home, but don’t yet have reliable internet in your workspace?

Then you should know that devolo Magic adapters are eminently suited to networking your devices.

For devolo Magic data are transmitted via adapter in power sockets across the electricity network in the house. Transfer rates of up to 2400 Mbps can be achieved across distances of up to 300 metres.




You can install this network that uses your power lines without any prior knowledge and in a few steps – no problem

devolo adapters are available with and without WiFi.

This allows you to integrate all your devices into the network, even those which, like smartphones, tablets, and some laptops, don’t have and Ethernet connection. devolo provides a wide range of adapters, from the low-priced devolo Magic 1 Starter Kit for beginners to professional home networking equipment




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We recommend a WiFi connection for these home office devices:

The wireless network, also called WiFi, is especially suited to connecting network-capable devices that do not have an Ethernet connection. WiFi is also great for transmitting small amounts of data.

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops or notebooks

We recommend a LAN connection for these home office devices:

If large amounts of data are transmitted, high data rates are advantageous, which WLAN often cannot achieve. Wired transmission is suitable for this case.

  • from network storage
  • to the PC
  • to the printer

Our product recommendations for you

devolo Powerline Adapter

devolo Magic 2 WiFi next

  • Latest Multi-User MIMO for better reception.
  • cutting-edge technology that will increase your stability and boost your range.
  • High speed up to 2400 Mbps for your digital freedom.
  • Two Gigabit LAN connections for static devices such as smart TVs, consoles or PCs.
devolo Powerline Adapter

devolo Magic 1 LAN

  • High speed up to 1200 Mbps for your digital freedom.
  • Fast and reliable Internet in any corner of your home thanks to Powerline.
  • One Gigabit LAN connection for static devices such as smart TVs, consoles or PCs.

devolo Magic 1 WiFi mini

  • Hassle-free and unobtrusive: foregrounds its high performance. 
  • Smart Mesh networking: For a comprehensive, stable connection at speeds up to 1200 Mbps using Powerline 
  • Stability over the electrical wiring: gives you seamless access to the Internet with the strongest connection.
devolo WiFi Repeater

devolo WiFi ac Repeater+

  • Improved Wi-Fi ac reception in any room at speeds up to 1200 Mbps.
  • Fast data transmission: Crossband repeating optimises the use of 2 frequency bands (2.4 + 5 GHz).
  • Beamforming sends the Wi-Fi signal directly to your connected clients.