WiFi and a tablet put the best cooks in the world in your kitchen

Do you enjoy inspiration in the kitchen and like trying out new recipes? Do you like to experiment with new ingredients or try out international dishes? Next time, get your ideas from the other side of the world in a few seconds. Travel to Korea and have a real Korean explain how to make Kimchi. Or fly to Italy and get Mama’s list of ingredients for real Spaghetti alla Napoli.

Platforms like YouTube or allrecipes mean that finding recipes poses no problem any more. You can bring the best dishes right to your table without expensive flights and hotels. Star chefs explain how to prepare the perfect steak, cake lovers learn how to decorate their cupcakes, and the best amateur chefs tell us all about their ideas. Get out the pans and put your laptop or tablet next to the stove!

Tips for relaxed cooking fun

Protect your tablet

To enjoy your tablet while you cook for a long time to come, you should get a protective sleeve or screen surface to effectively keep off splashes of grease or juice. Sleeves that act as stands for the tablet are especially practical.

Get everything ready

Cooking can get hectic, and a single minute can decide whether the sauce is perfect or inedible. Gather the ingredients and utensils you will need so that you won’t lose any time searching for them later.

Find beverages

Find out what beverages go well with your dish. Rigid rules about what wine goes with what meal have not been observed for a long time, but if you want to serve the perfect meal, you should give some thought to harmonising the dish with the beverage.

Select songs

Music makes many things easier. Cooking is one of those things! You can get in just the right mood by selecting music that goes with the recipe and configuring your online music service to play it. 

Is WiFi what is missing in your enjoyment of cooking?

The kitchen is a place where reception tends to be especially spotty. This is because of microwaves and other electrical devices that disrupt the sensitive wireless waves WiFi uses to function. Delays in video playback are therefore fairly frequent.


Now your internet radio can work right next to the oven in future. And intelligent cooking instruments can be controlled quickly and easily with your smartphone. Our WiFi-capable dLAN adapters ensure that you have the best reception even in the kitchen, allowing you to find new recipes, ideas, and inspiration from the internet.


Get a WiFi access point right in your kitchen, and you can relax and enjoy the latest recipes in future. You need neither technical knowledge nor a great deal of time to install the adapter. You transmit data via the power lines and get flawless internet reception in every room in the building.

Did you know?

Perfect internet opens completely new capabilities that also affect other areas of application such as streaming, gaming, and working from home!


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