Next generation home networking

Whole-home Wi-Fi

Our hybrid solutions use the latest generation of powerline as a strong backbone for an optimal Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of your customer’s home. This ensures a great E2E user experience.

Mesh and Smart Wi-Fi functions

Advanced Smart Wi-Fi features, such as AP steering, airtime fairness, inhouse roaming and Multi-User MIMO, ensure that your customers are always perfectly connected and provided with maximum Wi-Fi capacity – regardless of where they are in the house.

Self-organising Network

Your customer’s Wi-Fi home network can be perfectly managed with auto configuration and self-healing features. Less involvement and a perfect overall user experience.

The home Wi-Fi network stronger than ever


Product features             PLC backbone             Remote management

Magic 2 WiFi next

(PLC2 2400+ WiFi ac+)


Main features:

  • Latest QCA ARM Platform

  • Wave-2 MIMO

  • 2400 Mbps Powerline

  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet

  • Mesh features

  • TR-069 (optional)

Magic 2 WiFi next is available as both a tailor-made OEM and retail product to address the needs of telcos and ISPs of all sizes.

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“The Next is faster than its predecessor in terms of Powerline and even sets new standards. It also features clever mesh functions and is easy to set up.”

COMPUTERBILD, 16.08.2020


Why does a PLC backbone make the difference?

Bricks or reinforced concrete can block up to two thirds of a Wi-Fi signal. Powerline addresses this issue: It transports the Internet signal over the existing wiring everywhere without being impeded by massive ceilings and thick walls.


Using Powerline as backbone means that 100% of the Wi-Fi spectrum is available for user activities such as streaming, videoconferences, or other OTT services like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Remote Management

Our hybrid home networking portfolio provides a remote management and monitoring toolbox based on TR-069,  IEEE 1905.1 and EasyMesh standards that enable:


  • Real-time and ad-hoc view in the home network
  • Topology and performance information access
  • Statistical data collection of network status
  • Remote Firmware update

Enable the new Mesh Wi-Fi experience for your customers