VDSL Performer – brief definition


The VDSL Performer detects when a VDSL connection is in use and then automatically adjusts the powerline home network so that VDSL and powerline harmonise perfectly.

Using Powerline in combination with a VDSL Internet connection can result in reduced bandwidth or online connection dropouts if the telephone and power lines run too close together within the house. The VDSL Performer from devolo ensures smooth interaction between VDSL and Powerline Communication.

How does the VDSL Performer work?



The software enables information exchange between the VDSL router and Magic adapters. The adapters query the router for various information, including signal parameters and the VDSL profile of the customer connection. The powerline network then optimises itself independently, with the adapters adjusting their transmission levels according to the situation.


In this way, the Magic adapters ensure maximum performance for each individual customer network – fully automated and continuously. A patented innovation by devolo.