Access Point Steering – brief definiton


Thanks to Access Point Steering, access points ensure that all Wi-Fi end devices are always connected to the strongest available Wi-Fi access point – without interruption and fully automated.

In many Wi-Fi networks, end devices independently determine which network they connect to. Older smartphones, tablets and similar devices in particular stick to their Wi-Fi access point (e.g., router, devolo device) until the signal cuts off – only then do they switch to the Wi-Fi access point with better reception. Access Point Steering speeds up this process.

What is Access Point Steering?


The Access Point Steering function adds intelligent network optimisation to your Wi-Fi access point. This actively supports your end devices with connection to the optimal access point in the network. All existing access points (e.g., powerline Wi-Fi adapters, repeaters) constantly exchange information about the connection quality of the Wi-Fi clients.


In this way, they coordinate with each other which Wi-Fi access point currently offers the best connection for each client and redirect them as necessary by blocking their connection requests or suggesting which base station is best for them to connect to.