Thanks to Mesh Wi-Fi, enjoy seamless and strong connections unlike before anywhere throughout the home. How? Thanks to innovative Mesh Wi-Fi and Powerline technology, all devolo Magic adapters connect together to form an associated network and get you seamlessly onto the Internet anywhere in the home, with the strongest connection. No matter how many Wi-Fi devices you use, they all share the same name and password. This means you are always automatically connected to the strongest Wi-Fi access point and can move freely around your home. And the best thing? You always receive the strongest Wi-Fi signal - for first-class multimedia enjoyment without buffering or interruptions!

Without mesh-advantages

Routers reach their limits in many apartments and houses. The consequence: patchy Wi-Fi and a poor connection.

With mesh-advantages

With Mesh, you can enjoy seamless and powerful Wi-Fi connections anywhere in the home.

What terminal devices benefit from a mesh?

Smart TV

Would you like to operate your Smart TV over WiFi? Mesh provides smooth and interruption-free streaming enjoyment!

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Mobile devices

Thanks to the roaming function, your end device always pairs with the access point closest to the room you are currently using.

Audio devices

Internet-compatible audio devices like DAB radios have stable data transmission while several other receivers are connected at the same time

Voice assistants

Are you already using Alexa or Google Home? Mesh convenience lets you control them accordingly without wireless gaps - anytime and anywhere.

Seamless reception thanks to roaming

All Wi-Fi adapters in the devolo Magic series offer Mesh Wi-Fi. This includes completely new and optimised Wi-Fi functions. With "Fast Roaming", all Wi-Fi clients such as smartphones or tablets are permanently connected to the most powerful Wi-Fi hotspot. This is especially important when users and their mobile devices move around the home. "Config Sync" allows the router's Wi-Fi configuration data to be easily transferred to all Wi-Fi access points (single SSID).


The new "Airtime Fairness" function also gives preference to fast Wi-Fi clients. Older devices that take a lot of time to download data, for example, therefore no longer slow down the Wi-Fi. The integrated "band steering" also ensures that all Wi-Fi clients are automatically assigned the ideal wireless channel and optimum frequency.  All Mesh functions are available to users with devolo Magic automatically.


Mesh Wi-Fi integrates all devolo Magic adapters and creates a seamless network magically - for wonderful connections to the Internet in any room, on the balcony and in the garden.


So streaming, gaming, home office or virtual reality

are simply even more enjoyable with devolo Magic Wi-Fi adapters!

Fantastic performance

Mesh Wi-Fi links all devolo Magic adapters to a contiguous network as if by magic and gets you seamlessly onto the Internet anywhere in the home, with the strongest connection.


Wi-Fi standard ac and mighty Powerline technology ensure fantastically fast speeds of up to 2400 Mbps.



  • Invisible forces are at work: Seamless, reliable and fast Wi-Fi and Internet in every corner of your home thanks to Mesh and Powerline technology. 
  • Get off to a flying start anytime with Airtime Fairness: faster devices have the right of way in the network.
  • Smart connection through band steering: optimum use of available frequencies and channels.
  • Seamless reception thanks to roaming: lightning-fast connection to the strongest Wi-Fi access point

Which products do I need to get the mesh effect?

devolo Mesh WiFi 2

  • All devolo units form a cohesive network for full reception throughout the home.
  • Up to 100 end devices can be supplied across rooms at maximum speed, with the choice of 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • Compatible with all devolo Magic series adapters and can be expanded at any time

devolo Magic 2 WiFi next

  • Latest Multi-User MIMO for better reception.
  • cutting-edge technology that will increase your stability and boost your range.
  • High speed up to 2400 Mbps for your digital freedom.
  • Two Gigabit LAN connections for static devices such as smart TVs, consoles or PCs.