Security of our products

The security of our products and solutions is a top priority for devolo. In order to be able to react quickly if an issue occurs or a vulnerability is detected, we continuously monitor current developments and work closely with external experts and organisations. In an industry that is changing as dynamically as the ICT industry, it is especially important to exchange. 

How you can get in touch with us

If you would like to help us to further improve our high security level, please contact us and let us know your specific request. Please use the e-mail address 

We thank you for your understanding that we can exchange sensitive information only in this way. We will then contact you if necessary - and we will publish information on this page to remedy any issues or vulnerabilities if needed.

If you have technical questions about devolo products, please contact our support team.


Current safety information

Date & ID


Affected products

Date: 2022-01-05

Log4Shell log4j security issue

None of the devolo products use Java, hence no devolo product is affected by Log4Shell. The devolo online services do not make use of log4j, so they are also not affected by Log4Shell.

No devolo product is affected by Log4Shell

Date: 2021-12-16

ID: dSA210511

Use of Insecure WPS Default Setting

Security vulnerability in devolo WiFi products due to use of insecure WPS default setting

Further Information: Download

  • Magic 2 WiFi

  • Magic 1 WiFi

  • Magic 1 WiFi mini

  • WiFi Repeater+ ac

  • dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac

  • dLAN 550+ WiFi

  • dLAN 550 WiFi mini

  • dLAN WiFi Outdoor

  • Magic 2 WiFi next

  • Magic 2 WiFi 6        

Date: 2021-05-12

ID: dSA210511


Multiple security vulnerabilities in the WiFi Stack of several devolo products

Further Information: Download


  • dLAN 500 WiFi            
  • dLAN 550 WiFi            
  • dLAN 550 WiFi Outdoor
  • dLAN 550+ WiFi          
  • dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac    
  • dLAN 1200+ WiFi n     
  • Magic 1 WiFi mini        
  • Magic 1 WiFi 2-1         
  • Magic 2 WiFi 2-1         
  • Magic 2 WiFi next        
  • WiFi Repeater+ ac       
  • WiFi Repeater ac         
  • WiFi Repeater n          
  • GigaGate                    
  • AP One                       

Date: 12-08-2020

ID: dSA-201101

IP Stack dLAN GreenPHY

Several vulnerabilities in the IP stack of the dLAN GreenPhy SDK and dLAN GreenPhy Bootloader

Further Information: Download

  • dLAN GreenPhy Module
  • dLAN GreenPhy SDK