Powerline solutions for your distribution grid and your charging points


Powerline products from devolo ensure reliable and secure data transmission in the smart distribution grid. Whether it's a comprehensive data network or a direct communication link to single devices: we have the technical and economical solution for you.

Powerline communication is also a proven technology for communication between charging station and electric vehicle.



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Application scenarios

Grid control/monitoring

Reliable network management with Powerline communication.

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Serial port

Serial to TCP/IP. Retrofit in the Smart Grid.

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Renewable energies

Integration of decentralised generators into the smart grid

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Smart charging thanks to Powerline data communication.

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devolo G3-PLC Modem 500k

  • Data communication in the low-voltage grid
  • Impressive range
  • 100 percent building penetration
  • No repeaters required

dLAN Green PHY Module

  • Powerline module for charging points and IoT devices
  • Vehicle-2-Grid communication
  • For AC and DC charging stations
  • Open standard for further applications

Powerline technology

Powerline communication in the smart grid

Powerline communication uses the existing line infrastructure of the distribution networks for data communication. To do so, an additional signal is modulated onto the power line that will not impede the original use.

The pivotal advantages:

  • high availability: All pertinent points in the power grid are reached directly.
  • 100 percent building saturation: even to the metering points in the basement
  • self-sustaining use of the system's own infrastructure: independent of performance and availability of other networks such as GPRS/ LTE or glass fibre
  • cost-effective: No ongoing costs for data communication where power line communications are used.
  • as scalable as desired: New meters or measuring devices can be integrated at any time easily into the existing PLC network.
  • At a glance
  • Applications
  • Standardisation / G3-PLC Alliance
  • Reference film

At a glance

G3-PLC technology is a worldwide common standard for data communication in power grids.

  • long range
  • no repeaters
  • for smart grid scenarios
  • for smart metering without value-added services
  • worldwide standard

G3-PLC technology uses the frequency band between 10 and 500 kHz for data transfer. This allows for a data communication over long distances. Repeaters are usually not required. The excellent network coverage is a huge advantage for the G3-PLC technology. In field tests on the low voltage system, devolo and its partners have measured ranges of up to 1.7 kilometres. On the medium voltage even over 11 kilometres have been managed.


G3-PLC lends itself particularly well to smart grid scenarios like network monitoring and network control. But it is also an alternative to data communication via outdated analogue telephones or CSD radio.

The possibility of bridging large distances with G3-PLC goes hand in hand with a lower bandwidth. The actual transfer properties are always dependent on the local conditions and the network topology. For smart grid applications, the network technician has an adequately high transmission speed at their disposal.

Standardisation / G3-PLC Alliance

G3-PLC technology is in use successfully world wide and standardised under ITU-T G.9903.

The G3-PLC Alliance has established a corresponding certification program to allow for the interoperability of the different devices and their implementation. devolo AG is a committed member of the G3-PLC Alliance.  

Reference film

devolo has many years of experience with G3-PLC technology. devolo completed one of the first field tests together with Vattenfall already in 2012. Watch our short project film.


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