Sensible integration of renewable energies


The use of renewable energies in the mix of electricity is one of the central challenges for energy providers. While renewable sources provide better ecological balance, the decentralised and irregular power supply jeopardises network stability.


Ideal integration of renewable energies requires real-time control over these generators. This ensures that the energy from sources such as wind power and photovoltaic systems can be optimally used by consumers. Monitoring in real time enables immediate responses to acute events in the network and regulation of the network load.


Monitoring and controlling renewable energy systems


By using the existing power line, devolo's Powerline communication makes it possible to efficiently set up a comprehensive monitoring system in the smart grid. In order to accomplish this, the current production and status data of the renewable energy plants are sent to the next transformer station via the mains supply using a Powerline modem. This makes it possible to monitor the production output of the renewable energy plants in real time and to regulate it as needed.


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