Product details

devolo Magic 2 LAN means that the future belongs to multi-media. Streaming the latest blockbuster in 8K, surfing with amazing speed, playing online games with friends – you can do it all with the simple, elegant devolo Magic 2 LAN Powerline adapter. As though through invisible channels, it brings the internet to right where you need it. Connect whatever terminal devices you want – Smart TV, console, or PC, for instance – with your home network and enjoy new, magical internet from your wall socket.


Compatible and expandable at any time with all adapters of the devolo Magic series. devolo adapters of the dLAN series are not supported.

devolo powerline adapter Magic 2 LAN

Magic 2 LAN is optimally suited to the following applications

Ein Mann, der am schreibtisch sitzt und lächelnd auf einem Monitor schaut


Amazingly fast, secure, and reliable – equip your home work station with magical internet and work becomes fulfilment. devolo brings the digital future to your home office: devolo Magic 2 LAN ensures security and an ultra-high transmission rate. You take care of the rest.

UHD streaming

Experience the new digital freedom: Devolo Magic 2 LAN lets you enjoy the latest films in amazing 8K resolution – ultra-sharp and without irritating lags. Just connect your Smart TV to devolo’s magical home network and immerse yourself in the new multi-media future.

Multiplayer Gaming

Immerse yourself together in online gaming worlds – devolo does the trick. Connect your game console or PC with the magical internet from the wall socket and let the gaming fun begin, alone or in multi-player battles. High-speed internet (2400 Mbps) means no lags or crashes.

Overview of advantages

Make sure you dream of the future!

Home office in the attic, smart home cinema in the basement, multi-player games in the conservatory – Magic 2 LAN makes things that were previously unimaginable possible. Simply plug in the single adapter, and the magic can begin. And with the Starter Kit, you new home network is set up in no time.


Intelligent Plug & Play also ensures fantastic convenience: Plug the Magic 2 LAN adapter into the power socket, and it performs installation in a twinkling. Meanwhile, you get to have fun surfing and streaming at ultra-high speed.

Enchantingly independent

  • It says UHD on the label, and that’s what’s inside: devolo Magic 2 LAN allows convenient surfing and work at high speed and lag-free streaming in 8K at a fantastic 2400 Mbps.
  • Magical home network: Integrate all stationary terminal devices, such as Smart TV or console, into your network – the Gigabit LAN port does the trick.
  • Unbelievable range: The magical internet has no trouble covering distances of up to 500 metres, opening up new rooms such as your attic, basement, or conservatory.

Enchantingly simple

  • Keep an eye on everything: The new user-friendly devolo app, which can be configured with enchanting ease, ensures that you have an eye on all connected adapters in your home network at all times.
  • Fantastically uncomplicated: Thanks to intelligent Plug & Play, devolo Magic adapters connect with each other in a few seconds, and you can start surfing. Simply magical!
  • Integrates all devices: Just use the devolo Magic adapter to connect your Smart TV, game console, or PC, and enjoy data transfer, surfing, and streaming without limits.

Enchantingly sustainable

  • Experience tomorrow – today: Magic 2 LAN’s standardisation equips you for the future right now. The Magic network can be used with all routers and is compatible with all Magic adapters and products certified by the HomeGrid Forum.
  • We’ve thought of everything: devolo Magic 2 LAN lets you use any wall socket in your home without blocking it for other devices. The adapter is equipped with an integrated electrical socket with child safety.
  • Fantastically sustainable: The devolo PowerSave technology detects which devices are actually switched on and adjusts the Magic network accordingly. This reduces the load on your power meter and ensures an optimal energy balance.

Innovative technology

You dream of the future – and devolo Magic 2 LAN brings that dream home to you! The Powerline adapter provides magical internet in any room and is incredibly fast at 2400 Mbps. Its intelligent Plug & Play also makes it fantastically simple to operate.


Connect the adapters to each other via the wall socket, and your magical network is ready to go. All Magic products can be used together and are compatible with routers of any type.


devolo Magic 2 LAN uses the innovative standard, is certified by the HomeGrid Forum, and prepares your home network for the future right now. The adapter also uses the especially effective MIMO transmission system, which performs far better than conventional SISO systems.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x devolo Magic 2 LAN Adapter
  • 1x Ethernet cable (2m)
  • 1x Installation guide

Starter Kit
  • 2x devolo Magic 2 LAN Adapter
  • 2x Ethernet cable (2m)
  • 1x Installation guide