Internet from your wall socket: devolo Magic’s Powerline technology enables you to enjoy a fast, stable Internet connection in any room. The Magic 2 LAN triple power socket adapter is equipped with three Gigabit LAN ports with a maximum speed of 2400 Mbps. The Starter Kit design gives you a new Powerline network with the adapter.  But you can also use the Magic 2 LAN triple to expand an existing network. This allows you to dispense with a LAN switch in your home office or living room.


Compatible and expandable at any time with all adapters of the devolo Magic series. devolo adapters of the dLAN series are not supported.

  • Three ports for your multi-media centre
  • Installation
  • Any Extension

Three ports for your multi-media centre

Because there are three Gigabit LAN ports on the Magic 2 LAN triple adapter, one power socket adapter is plenty for going online with the entire multi-media centre in your living room, for example. Signal disruption? – There are scarcely any in a Powerline network (especially compared to a conventional WiFi connection).

Ein Regal im Wohnzimmer. Neben dem Regal ist ein devolo Magic 2 LAN triple an der Wand angeschlossen. Mit dem Powerlan Adapter sind 3 LAN Kabeln verbunden.

Each Magic Starter Kit contains two power socket adapters

To set up a Powerline network, you need two adapters. You can quickly connect the basic adapter with your router using the enclosed LAN cable. It transmits the internet signal to your power line.


The second adapter – and as many more as you wish to connect – can be installed in a power socket anywhere in your home, where it picks up the internet signal. Now you have a Powerline network, and you can surf with stable, high-speed internet anywhere you need to.

All good things come in threes – and this is particularly true when it comes to setting up or expanding an ultra-fast Powerline network in your home

devolo Magic adapters are not just fast – they can also be installed via plug and play: Find a free power socket, plug in the adapter, and it connects automatically to your existing Powerline network. Enjoy relaxed surfing! Where? In any room that has a power socket.

devolo Powerline Adapter Magic 2 LAN triple vordere Seite

Do you want to benefit from all the opportunities of modern entertainment?

There is only one solution: an internet connection with sustainable hardware!  In all our Magic adapters, we rely on modern technology. Second-generation chips allow surprising speed and ensure more stability.

Ein Fernseher ist auf einem Schrank im Wohnzimmer. Daneben ist ein devolo Powerline Adapter Magic LAN in einer Steckdose an der Wand angeschlossen.

Your powerful multi-media centre

4K screens are becoming increasingly affordable. What happens next? 8K technology is already in the starting blocks with correspondingly high-resolution streaming opportunities that require very fast data transmission.

Familie im Wohnzimmer schaut Fern. Der kleine Junge hält die Fernbedienung.


When you download a film, you don’t want to wait a long time – and when you stream a film in HD resolution, it shouldn’t constantly lag.

Mann spielt ein VR Game während er ein VR Set trägt

Cloud Gaming

If you game online and want to use the new opportunities provided by cloud gaming, you need a fast, stable internet connection.

Why Powerline?

Hausszenario Leistung des Repeaters

This is what a home network without Powerline components generally looks like: The house has a router that emits a WiFi signal. There may also be a WiFi repeater and a second LAN port in another room. For many internet applications, this architecture simply is not enough – at least not in every room. WiFi networks often don’t live up to their potential, especially when thick walls and multiple storeys are involved. The speed declines rapidly the farther the user is from the router or repeater. And then there are the disconnections.

Hausillustration der devolo Powerline Adapter Magic 2 LAN triple Network Kit

The devolo Magic 2 LAN triple adapters mean that you are no longer reliant on WiFi connections that are susceptible to disruption. Now you can connect your network-capable devices – computer, game console, or Smart TV – directly to the internet via LAN. Our Magic adapters’ Powerline technology enables connected devices to get their internet signal from a power socket.

Overview of advantages

  • Three times faster fast: Three Gigabit LAN ports with a top speed of 2400 Mbps.
  • Fast internet anywhere: Magic 2 LAN triple crosses long distances (up to 500 metres)
  • High performance with unbeatable network stability: The Magic 2 LAN triple uses all three wires in the power grid.
  • Secure encryption with 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)

Scope of delivery

  • 1x devolo MAGIC 2 LAN triple Adapter
  • 1x Ethernet cable (2m)
  • 1x installation guide

Starter Kit
  • 1x devolo MAGIC 2 LAN triple Adapter
  • 1x devolo MAGIC 2 LAN Adapter
  • 1x installation guide
  • 2x Ethernet cable (2m)