Magic 2 LAN DINrail adapter optimises your data transmission right at the control cabinet or fuse box, greatly enhancing the performance of your Powerline network. Automatic phase coupling enables you to increase the transmission speeds at any power socket in your home! An ideal addition to your network for such applications as building automation, smart home applications, or your multi-media centre.


Installation instructions
The Magic 2 LAN DINrail is attached directly to the power distribution box DIN rail. Please note that it must be installed by a qualified electrician.

  • The heart of your Powerline network
  • Enhanced performance
  • Transform any power socket into a potential network access point

Magic 2 LAN DINrail: the heart of your Powerline network

Once installed in the fuse box or control cabinet, the Magic 2 LAN DINrail becomes the heart of your Powerline network. As the central network node, it feeds the internet signal directly into the source of your power supply, giving you a much higher transmission speed. To achieve this, just connect the Magic 2 LAN DINrail adapter via its Gigabit Ethernet port to your router, which should be located as close to the power distribution box as possible (or inside it).
The result is that every power socket in your house or flat becomes a high-performance network access point once you have installed a Magic adapter there.

From the DIN rail through the whole house: You can transform any power socket into a potential network access point

Powerline enables you to enjoy unlimited fast internet: Thick walls and distance from the router no longer make a difference. But devolo Magic also provides a significant data transmission speed boost – with the Magic 2 LAN DINrail adapter!
This makes long loading times a thing of the past – in any room in which you have installed a Magic power socket adapter.

The performance of your devolo Magic power socket adapter is greatly enhanced

The three-phase connection of the Magic 2 LAN DINrail to your power grid helps you get the most out of your Powerline network. Whether you want to enhance data transmission in your networked living room or control your electronics via a smart home system, the Magic 2 LAN DINrail gives your Powerline network the necessary drive.
Your Magic power socket adapters’ top speed will then be up to 2400 Mbps, equipping you for the high data transmission rates of the Internet of Things of the future.

Ready for all digital eventualities:

High-end games or 8K-resolution films require an ultra-fast internet connection – and the Magic 2 LAN DINrail brings that to your home via your Powerline network.

Safe, convenient work in your home office:

Ultra-fast uploads and downloads with Magic power socket adapters and Magic 2 LAN DINrail in your power distribution box.

For a smart home:

The Magic 2 LAN DINrail adapter is the new motor of your Powerline network, giving you the perfect foundation for many smart home applications and network-based machines that need a constant, fast internet connection.

Overview of advantages

Comprehensive networking for the entire household

  • Like a motor: The Magic 2 LAN DINrail improves the performance of any devolo Magic adapter with a transmission speed of 2400 Mbps – thanks to integrated phase coupling.
  • Especially powerful: The DIN rail adapter is equipped with a fast Gigabit Ethernet port (RJ45) for connecting to the router (such as a fibre optic router in the power distribution box).
  • Supplies the entire house with fast internet – thanks to feed-in right at the source
devolo Powerline Adapter Magic 2 LAN DINrail frontal präsentiert

Most modern standard: standard

  • Second-generation chips provide the fastest possible data transmission.
  • Enhanced signal stability
  • Perfect conditions for modern entertainment: Enjoy lag-free video streaming, online gaming, VR games, and much more
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Each power socket becomes a fast, stable network connection

  • Each power socket becomes a fast, stable network connection: Ideal for gaming and streaming in HD resolution, for multi-media home networking, smart home applications, and building automation
  • Great range: Fast data transmission across distances of up to 500 metres
  • Quick integration: Connects automatically to each installed Magic adapter 
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Uninterrupted, fast surfing with the devolo Magic Powerline network

Every room in the house normally has at least one power socket, but very few have a network access point – so why not simply transmit the internet signal directly via the power line and make every power socket an internet connection? Powerline works according to this principle. The power socket adapters from the Magic series give you fast internet via LAN or WiFi (depending on their design) from any power socket. The Magic 2 LAN DINrail provides an additional speed boos for your existing Powerline network.

Supported operating systems:
  • from Windows 7
  • from Mac OS X 10.11
  • from Ubuntu Linux 14.04
  • from Android 6.0
  • from iOS 9

Scope of delivery
  • 1x Magic 2 LAN DINrail
  • 1x Ethernet cable
  • 1x installation guide (Please note that it must be installed by a qualified electrician.)

Support/ FAQ

What hardware are Magic devices compatible with?

Magic devices are compatible with all routers and with products certified by the HomeGrid Forum. Magic devices with WiFi will network with any WiFi enabled devices (Tablets, Smartphones, etc.).

Do Magic devices also support older dLAN devices?

dLAN devices are not supported by the new generation of technology.

Is my home network consisting of Magic devices automatically secure after initial installation?

Yes. All Magic adapters work securely and with encryption.