Product details

Mesh WiFi without limits – that is devolo Magic 1 WiFi. Surf anywhere in the house at a phenomenal 1200 Mbps via Powerline. Tune your home office and work wherever you want with enchanting security and stability. Enjoy convenient HD streaming from your tablet without lags or crashes. Or use your smartphone to immerse yourself in online games at breathtaking speed. The devolo Magic 1 WiFi wireless LAN amplifier makes you a magician. Start the magic!


Compatible and expandable at any time with all adapters of the devolo Magic series. devolo adapters of the dLAN series are not supported.

devolo Magic WiFi Powerline Adapter in Kreisen und WLAN Welle

devolo Magic - Wi-Fi anywhere at home

Magic really is the secret here, as devolo Magic transforms your home in seconds into a futuristic multimedia temple that is ready for the future right now. And it offers so much more besides - more speed, more stability, more range and more Internet enjoyment. Bring the world to your home and experience magical moments together.

Magic 1 WiFi is optimally suited to the following applications:

Home Office

In the summer you can work from your balcony and in the winter from your living room, in the kitchen in the morning, in the attic in the evening. devolo Magic 1 WiFi allows your work station to follow you wherever you go. It is absolutely reliable and enchantingly secure. Via tablet, smartphone, laptop, or PC.

Familie streamt im Wohnzimmer

HD Streaming

Stream the latest blockbuster on your tablet while your daughter is surfing the internet next to you or your roommate is playing online games – magic makes anything possible. Experience films in the best HD quality, without lags or irritating crashes. Just lean back and enjoy!

Surfing throughout the house

Bring the internet to every corner of your home. The magical WiFi amplifier from devolo ensures that you can surf and stream as much as you want, from your basement workshop to your garden house. In multiple rooms at once, with fantastic stability, and at a fabulous 1200 Mbps.

Overview of advantages

Your new unlimited digital lifestyle

Wherever you go, the magical internet goes with you. Amazingly simple via the power socket. Connect your stationary devices, such as a Smart TV, game console, or PC, to the Powerline adapter. Set up your WiFi net and see how it reaches the farthest corners of your home.

Use the Starter Kit or Multi-Room Kit to create your own home network – as if by magic. Or set up your Magic network flexibly with an add-on adapter. Intelligent Plug & Play and the devolo app will support you. You are a magician!

Wonderfully powerful

  • Unbelievably fast: At a top speed of 1200 Mbps, you can surf wherever you want. The magical WiFi amplifier brings the internet anywhere – from the basement to the garden, from the front door to the pool.
  • Fabulous WiFi ac: devolo Magic 1 WiFi uses the latest transmission standard and allows an unprecedented top-flight surfing and streaming experience.
  • Outstanding frequency cover: Four aerials ensure that the wireless LAN frequencies of 2.4 and 5 GHz can be served at the same time. Simply wonderful!

Wonderfully stable

  • Limitless roaming: devolo Magic 1 WiFi is the only WiFi amplifier with true Mesh WiFi. All access points communicate with one another, ensuring unbroken, uniformly strong reception. Anywhere.
  • Sorcery with Airtime Fairness: The devolo Magic adapter ensures that the fastest device in the network has right of way. This makes surfing incredibly convenient – for singles and large families.
  • Amazingly stable internet from your wall socket: Each devolo Magic adapter has two Fast Ethernet LAN connections. This is what makes the magical internet so unimaginably flexible and multifaceted.

Wonderfully sustainable

  • Anything is possible, and will remain so in future: All devolo Magic adapters are based on the standard and are compatible with all products certified by the HomeGrid Forum.
  • Magical freedom to combine: Connect devolo Magic 1 WiFi with as many adapters from the Magic series as you want and set up your magical home network.
  • Sustainable encryption technology: The 128-bit AES for the Powerline connection and WPA2 for WiFi ac protects your data and keeps them enchantingly secure. Very simple, at the touch of a button.

Innovative technology

Magical Powerline technology paired with a WiFi amplifier at the highest level – that is devolo Magic 1 WiFi. WiFi ac makes incredible speeds of up to 1200 Mbps reality and is wonderfully stable thanks to revolutionary Mesh WiFi.


Connect your PC, game console, or receiver to the devolo Magic adapters with amazing ease. The integrated power socket with child safety means that you lose no wall sockets, nor do you need to worry about compatibility. devolo Magic 1 WiFi uses the standard, functions with any type of router.


Surf in your basement or stream music on your rooftop terrace under the stars. Work securely and reliably with large data volumes. Stream the latest series in HD – on your tablet, Smart TV, or PC. Don’t just dream, get the magic!

Scope of delivery

  • 1x devolo Magic 1 WiFi Adapter
  • 1x Installation guide

Starter Kit
  • 1x devolo Magic 1 LAN Adapter
  • 1x devolo Magic 1 WiFi Adapter
  • 1x Installation guide
  • 1x Ethernet cable (2m)

Multiroom Kit
  • 1x devolo Magic 1 LAN Adapter
  • 2x devolo Magic 1 WiFi Adapter
  • 1x Installation guide
  • 1x Ethernet cable (2m)
devolo Home Network app on smartphone and tablet

Control via devolo Home Network App

So that you don't lose track of everything, the intuitive Home Network App ensures that you can easily keep an eye on all connected adapters via your smartphone. At the same time, you can easily set up parental controls, guest Wi-Fi and time control via the Home Network App.


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