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How do I know if I need a Wi-Fi booster?



If you want to improve your Wi-Fi at home, oftentimes you cannot avoid a Wi-Fi booster. Every router's Wi-Fi reception is limited – as well as subject to interference from thick walls, electronic devices and other factors. Depending on the position of the router, you will no longer have good Wi-Fi reception in more remote rooms.


And that is annoying: Your video conference might constantly stutter and you might feel severe delays in online video games. Or you might miss the final minutes of an exciting football match because the online stream ends at the decisive moment. 


With a Wi-Fi booster, you can solve this problem quickly and easily.

How do Wi-Fi boosters work?


A Wi-Fi booster works like a bridge between the router and end devices. It forwards the router signal to remote corners of the living area and ensures a significantly increased Wi-Fi range. Smartphones, televisions and laptops can still enjoy excellent reception even in remote areas – perfect for home office, gaming, streaming and other activities.


A valid way of strengthening the domestic Wi-Fi is the usage of a Wi-Fi repeater, which picks up the radio signal, repeats it and forwards it to adjacent rooms. Even better – especially in large living areas – is the use of smart powerline technology, which transports the Internet signal directly through the entire house via the power line. This Internet from the socket has a greater range, less loss and is more effective all round.

Boost Wi-Fi signal – Repeater or Powerline?

The right solution for your individual living situation.


Wi-Fi boost for adjacent rooms


Repeaters from devolo receive the limited Wi-Fi signal from your router and forward it to the surrounding area. An ideal solution for adjacent rooms where the signal would otherwise weaken or stop.



Highspeed-Wi-Fi in every room


Magic products by devolo transmit the full performance of your Internet connection directly to every room via the power line – thanks to excellent Powerline technology. This way, any socket becomes a possible access point for high-performance Wi-Fi.



The ideal type of Wi-Fi boost doesn't just depend on the size of your living space.Other important factors are the number of users and connected end devices, the type of applications and, of course, your requirements on Wi-Fi speed. Discover now:


Your ideal Wi-Fi solution


To set up a Wi-Fi repeater: easy with devolo

Ein devolo-Repeater an einer Wand in Router-Nähe.



Since a repeater picks up the router's Wi-Fi, you should install it in a place in the house where Wi-Fi signal strength is still sufficient. Of course, the repeater should also be located near the rooms that you want to provide with Wi-Fi. The setup is very easy: 


  • Step 1: Connect the repeater to a free socket
  • Step 2: Press the WPS button on repeater and router
  • Step 3: Check the indicator light and start surfing away
Ein devolo-Powerline-Adapter wird mit der Wandsteckdose und dem Router verbunden.



Placement is even easier with Powerline. Because the Internet signal is transported via the power line, you can install the included adapters in rooms that you want to provide Wi-Fi to. And the actual setup is also done in no time at all:


  • Step 1: Install the Magic adapter next to your router and connect it via cable
  • Step 2: Place additional Powerline adapters on free sockets in the house
  • Step 3: Set up a Wi-Fi connection via smartphone

All done! You have successfully expanded your Wi-Fi.




devolo Magic:

Fast Wi-Fi throughout the house



The repeater solution from devolo helps to quickly increase your Wi-Fi range and make numerous everyday activities easier.


For maximum Internet enjoyment though, choose devolo Magic – your Powerline solution for strong Wi-Fi throughout the house. No matter where, no matter when: There’s an access point with lightning-fast Wi-Fi in your reach.


Whichever approach you choose: Wi-Fi boosters with a LAN connection allow you to optionally connect data-hungry devices via Ethernet cable. This way you can enjoy even more stable 4K streaming, lag-free gaming and so much more.


Discover now: Your ideal Wi-Fi solution

Ein WLAN-Repeater von devolo, darüber ein grünes WiFi-Symbol.

Our top Repeater: 

devolo WiFi Repeater+ ac

  • Amplification of the Wi-Fi signal for adjacent rooms
  • For small to medium-sized living spaces (one floor)
  • For a few parallel users
  • Surfing at up to 1200 Mbps
  • LAN ports for Ethernet connection
  • Expandable at any time

Our top Powerline product: 

devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6

  • Extends the router's Wi-Fi signal via powerline and mesh connection
  • Suitable for several rooms, floors and users
  • Wi-Fi speed with up to 1,800 Mbps
  • Efficient, parallel use of data-hungry applications
  • Gigabit-LAN ports for Ethernet connection
  • Expandable at any time
4 devolo Adapter mit grüne WLAN-Zeichen

devolo Product Advisor


Not sure which Wi-Fi booster is right for your home? Our product advisor will help you in just a few clicks.

Whether streaming, cooking, gaming or even in the home office:

devolo provides strong Wi-Fi for the whole house.


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