Wi-Fi clone – brief definition


A new devolo Wi-Fi product uses its own secure network after installation. If you do not want to use multiple Wi-Fi networks, but would rather continue using your existing one, use Wi-Fi Clone.

With Wi-Fi Clone, you can make use of the Wi-Fi access data of an existing access point (e.g., your router) by pressing a button.

How to use Wi-Fi clone:


1. Plug your devolo Wi-Fi device into a free wall outlet. The wall socket should be no more than ten meters away from the router.


2. Start up devolo Cockpit. If you have not yet installed the software on your PC/notebook, you can download it at https://www.devolo.global/support/downloads/download/devolo-cockpit.


3. Move the mouse pointer to the arrow on the right of the adapter to display the options.


4. Clicking on the arrow with cogwheel configuration page of the device takes you to the web browser-based configuration interface of the adapter. Here, select Wi-Fi configuration.


5. Clicking on Wi-Fi Move takes you to the Wi-Fi Move Technology settings page.


6. Under Wi-Fi Clone, select the Start configuration setting.


7. Wait until the encryption button on the devolo Wi-Fi product flashes white.


8. Press the WPS button on the router to copy the Wi-Fi access data (SSID and Wi-Fi password) to the devolo product.