G.hn is a technical standard developed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). As the backbone for high-performance powerline technology, it enables WLAN speeds of up to 2400 Mbit/s – with increased range and stability.

Until 2018, the now outdated „HomePlug AV“ powerline standard provided the technical basis for powerline-based home networks. Then came G.hn – and with it a whole range of technical improvements and practical features.


What is G.hn?


The update to G.hn not only comes with an enormous increase in speed in the powerline backbone of currently up to 2400 Mbit/s, but also with improved stability and a higher PLC range of up to 500 meters.


In addition, the standard promises automatic pairing (establishment of an encrypted PLC connection) and PLC encryption with 128 bits (AES). It supports the Wi-Fi standards 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac and ax as well as mesh functions such as Fast Roaming, Airtime Fairness and Band Steering.