Charging Infrastructure & Smart Load Management


Through Powerline networking with devolo MultiNode, combined with devolo Grid Firmware, up to 100 charging points can communicate with a central station. This enables smooth networking and control of all wallboxes, facilitating effective load management.


The beauty of it, is that with PLC you're opting for a scalable solution. Future expansion of your infrastructure with additional wallboxes is not a problem. Thanks to remote access via the cloud, you'll always have everything under control even as your fleet grows and you manage multiple locations.

Scenario 1: Load Management via Master Wallbox


The Master Wallbox is directly connected to the internet via an Ethernet switch and takes control of energy management for the Slave Wallboxes through MultiNode and Powerline. Typical use case: Smaller installations (multi-family homes, hotels, etc.).

Scenario 2: Centralized Energy Management


Wallboxes are connected to a central station via MultiNode and Powerline, communicating through OCPP with an Energy Management Gateway (not included). Typical use case: Larger installations (e.g., fleet management).


Your Benefits with devolo MultiNode:


  • Efficient Load Management – Intelligent monitoring, planning, and optimization of charging processes
  • Compatibility and Versatility – Supports a wide range of AC charging solutions
  • Setup & Scalability - Easy initial installation and expansion of your charging infrastructure


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Wallbox Module Integration & Design-In Support


For a particularly straightforward implementation of your charging infrastructure, choose a flexible devolo MultiNode module. This makes your Wallbox directly PLC-compatible – ready for fast data exchange through the power lines.


The direct integration of our Powerline board solution into your Wallbox offers significant advantages: you benefit from greatly reduced installation effort and also have the option to easily network outdoor Wallboxes.

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Data communication for load management in charging infrastructure


In our whitepaper, you will receive detailed information on how to use devolo MultiNode for networking your charging infrastructure – and the advantages of data communication over the powerline.


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