devolo Mesh WiFi provides for truly seamless Wi-Fi throughout the home. Forget about wireless gaps and experience gigabit Wi-Fi with maximum performance.


devolo Mesh WiFi includes two (Starter Kit) or three (Multiroom Kit) smart components, which form a joint network (mesh). To do this, simply connect the first adapter to your router and set up the other two units in your rooms – right in the places where you need full Wi-Fi power!

The tri-band combination of WiFi ac with Powerline technology enables the best and most stable distribution of Internet throughout the home.


Compatible with all devolo Magic series adapters and can be expanded at any time. devolo dLAN series adapters are not supported.

Browsing as you walk from room to room – with the strongest access point

All of the units in devolo Mesh WiFi form a shared Wi-Fi network. Your Wi-Fi-capable devices automatically connect to the strongest access point. So you can be online with the same access data in all rooms and browse as you go from one room to another without your Wi-Fi signal getting weaker!

  • This way, up to 100 end devices are supplied with maximum gigabit Wi-Fi performance in any room with the choice of 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • Expand it at any time – it's quite easy with additional devolo mesh units!

The difference between devolo Mesh WiFi and devolo Magic sets

The devolo Mesh WiFi set consists exclusively of Wi-Fi units for replacing your existing router Wi-Fi with a pure mesh network.

Particularly in the case of older routers, you get a boost in performance because your end devices are no longer throttled by obsolete router Wi-Fi. This means you no longer switch between the Wi-Fi of the router and that of the adapters. Instead, you are always seamlessly connected to the strongest access point, without changing the connection data.

How to set up devolo Mesh WiFi quickly and conveniently

Our tip

For optimal performance, turn off the Wi-Fi of your router and browse in a pure devolo Mesh WiFi network.By doing this, you enable the full range of functions of the perfectly co-ordinated devolo units.

Strong Wi-Fi for any purpose, anywhere in your home!

Are you upset because your router's Wi-Fi isn't good enough for gaming or streaming upstairs concentrated work in your home office or listening to music while relaxing in the bathroom? If your Internet connection keeps cutting out, it could be due to an unstable connection to the router. The solution to this is very simple:


Just plug the Mesh WiFi adapter into an available power socket, and then you are all set up for hours of relaxed fun at your computer, console or smart TV!

Home office

Reliable Wi-Fi for video conferencing without stutter or connection hiccups can be set up in no time with devolo Mesh WiFi.


Escape into worlds of relaxation: Now you can listen to music or audiobooks with an optimum Wi-Fi connection – even in your bathroom.

The fastest tri-band system of its class

The devolo units use Powerline as an additional data highway for connecting to one another through ceilings and walls. Transmission of the signal over a building's power lines provides additional stability and makes devolo Mesh WiFi the fastest tri-band system in its class. This means the full Wi-Fi signal is available for your applications.

Overview of advantages

  • Strong signal over long distances: Powerline technology connects the devolo units with one another and ensures stable data transmission through ceilings and walls..
  • Flexible connection options: To enable additional power and LAN connections, the devolo units have multiple Gigabit LAN ports and integrated electrical sockets.
  • Optimum mesh tri-band: The combination of Wi-Fi ac with Powerline technology enables the best distribution of Internet throughout the home.
  • A strong mesh network: All devolo units form a large, cohesive mesh network with Gigabit Wi-Fi at maximum speeds.
  • Perfectly co-ordinated: Settings for data security, performance optimisation and smart Wi-Fi options are automatically synchronised in the network.
  • More Wi-Fi power: The devolo units provide up to one-hundred end devices with stable, fast Wi-Fi over two frequency bands.
Mesh WiFi 2 is ideal for the following devices:
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Smart TV
  • Laptop
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • Printer
  • Computer
  • Game console

Supported operating systems
  • from Windows 7
  • from Mac OS X 10.9
  • from Ubuntu-Linux 14.04

Scopes of delivery

Starter Kit
  • 2x devolo MESH WiFi 2 Adapter
  • 1x installation guide
  • 1x Ethernet cable (2m)

Whole Home WiFi Kit
  • 3x devolo MESH WiFi 2 Adapter
  • 1x installation guide
  • 1x Ethernet cable (2m)