Fast Wi-Fi in the garden and around the house – with devolo


Repeater- and Powerline-systems from devolo expand your Wi-Fi and forward it directly into the garden – or even onto the roof terrace, the balcony or other places around the house or apartment. 


Such an outdoor Wi-Fi access point opens up completely new possibilities for you: Relaxed video-, music- and audio book-streams in the hammock, clever gardening tools and smart home gadgets as well as lavish barbecues become a pleasure with stable Wi-Fi. With devolo you are prepared for every situation.

Ein devolo Powerline-Adapter.

For outdoor relaxation and entertainment


What do a good podcast in the sun and a relaxed VoD-stream in the hammock have in common? A gaming session in the garden house, good music by the pool and an e-book with a good glass of wine?


Very easy: Ideally, a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection that enables any online application without long loading and annoying interruptions. A data transfer that never breaks off and brings content of all kinds to your smartphone, laptop or tablet in the best possible quality.


With devolo, your Wi-Fi does not work up a sweat, even at high temperatures and at greater distances from the router. Settle in and enjoy the best outdoor entertainment there is!

For DIY enthusiasts, hobby gardeners and home office heroes


Whether you want to pursue your hobby in home improvement, mow the lawn or care for your patch: With good music and the help of instructive tutorials, every activity in the garden, shed or garage becomes child's play. 


Simply call up important information at any time, for example on the properties, cultivation and care of all plant species. This way, you can harvest the fruits of your efforts in no time – and always enjoy fresh lettuce and vegetables out of your own garden.


Why not move your home office outside? Assuming you have a stable internet connection, you can work very well in a deck chair. Just make yourself comfortable in your favorite corner of the garden! Sun, greenery and fresh air make for a creative spirit.

For cozy barbecue evenings and lavish garden parties


Beautiful summer days want to be experienced together – and with fast Wi-Fi you make it very comfortable for yourself, your family and friends. Browse for the most delicious barbecue recipes, play relaxing music and let your garden ambience, your balcony or your roof terrace shine in the cozy glow of intelligent outdoor lighting.


Or what about a cheerful football party? Set up a TV and stream the thrilling World Cup finals in 4K outdoors. Or screen the spectacle directly onto the wall of the house via a projector! A fast Wi-Fi connection transmits every attempted goal with impressive clarity and without annoying interruptions. This is stadium atmosphere on your own lawn.

For smart technology in the garden


The modern home is smart – and the garden is no exception. Robotic lawnmowers, lawn sprinklers, smart lighting, cameras: They all require stable Wi-Fi and offer numerous functions that make your life easier and your day in the sun even more beautiful.

Smart grill

Grilling can be a science in itself – but it doesn't have to be. Modern grills with smart functions make it easier to prepare juicy ribs, crispy sausages and fruity vegetables with precise preparation. A smart grill informs you about the temperature and cooking status of the food via an app connection and sends you a notification when the right cooking level has been reached.


Step-by-step grilling instructions ensure that you do not expose your meals to temperatures that are too high or too low. You can devote family members and friends your full attention – and still cook the perfect medium-rare steak.

Ein smarter Grill steht neben einem gedeckten Tisch.

Smart robotic lawnmowers

Mowing the lawn can be a sweaty matter – especially on larger properties. Robotic lawnmowers come in handy: the smart gardening aids independently drive over the entire lawn and trim your beloved green space to the desired height.


Depending on the model, robotic lawnmowers come with a whole repertoire of clever functions, such as ultrasonic-, tilt- and collision-sensors as well as edge cutting functions. They also call up weather data via the cloud and automatically include it in the mowing plan.

Ein smarter Mähroboter stutzt den Rasen.

Smart speakers

Smart speakers serve multiple purposes at the same time. They are a practical solution if you want to listen to your favorite music at home – and therefore extremely suitable for usage on the terrace and in the garden. At the same time, they give you control over your smart home.


With the built-in AI assistants, you can easily control your music playlist using voice commands while applying sunscreen or splashing around in the pool. You save yourself the hassle of reaching for your smartphone – and your device from unpleasant contact with water, lotion and other fluids.

Ein smarter Lautsprecher steht auf einem Terrassengeländer.

Smart security camera

Wi-Fi cameras are growing in popularity: They help you to keep an eye on your property and thus bring a little more security as well as a whole range of practical functions into your life. Modern cameras can be perfectly integrated into your smart home.


Depending on the model, you can connect a camera to an external alarm siren or doorbell and control it via an app. Provided you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, you can check what's going on at home at any time when connected smart home components send a warning to your smartphone.

Eine WLAN-Kamera mit smarten Funktionen.

Smart Apps for the garden

There are numerous apps that sweeten your time in the garden. Stream exciting series via Netflix, enchanting audiobooks via Audible, relaxing music via Spotify and educational tutorials via YouTube. Other apps and platforms ensure a rich supply of entertainment.


You don't know which plant you are dealing with? With apps like Google Lens you can easily film the unknown green and get the right Wikipedia entry in no time. Additionally, dedicated plant apps can detect whether your flora is affected by diseases or pests.

Eine Person hält ihr Tablet übers Gartenbeet.

Smart pool control

A pool in the garden is great – but it can also be a lot of work. An intelligent pool control comes in handy, as it allows you to manage your pool technology and use smart functions from afar.


Via Wi-Fi and the app, you can keep an eye on the water quality, check the pool pump, any measuring devices, temperature controllers, lighting and shutter covers. By controlling the water temperature while you're out you can also save a lot of energy.

Eine Person hält ihr Tablet zur Steuerung des Pools im Hintergrund hoch.

Smart watering

Proper watering of your plants depends on several factors including the season, weather conditions, time of day and of course the plant species. Watering can get complicated if you don't use automatic watering technology.


These are now available with app control and clever sensors that measure soil moisture, distinguish between flowers and potted plants and much more. This way you don't have to worry about the preservation of your plants even when you're on vacation.

Eine automatische Sprinkleranlage bewässert einen Rasen.

Smart exterior shading

Sometimes you just want to sit outside without being exposed to the boiling sun. In this case, smart awnings are particularly useful. They can be controlled via app and, if desired, can even be extended fully automatic at a certain time of day.


This is also useful when you are sitting in the garden and want to stream your favorite series on your tablet. Reflective surfaces often make it difficult to see something in bright surroundings – so a shady spot is very welcome.

Eine Markise mit Smart-Funktionalität im Garten.

Smart lighting

Smart illuminants are immensely popular. They can be switched on, dimmed and even changed in color via app, motion detector and push-button. It's no wonder they can be found in the garden more and more often.


Intelligent outdoor lighting switches on automatically at the right time and immerses your terrace or garden in an atmospheric play of colours. The control via voice command is also particularly practical.

Smarte Lampen erleuchten einen Garten.

How to implement outdoor Wi-Fi and Internet throughout the house


If you want to get your Wi-Fi into the garden, you don't have to lay out a LAN cable outside. With the flexible solutions from devolo, you create the perfect basis for proper Wi-Fi reception around the house – and with it lots of entertainment, clever functions and productivity in the garden. Various solutions are available to you for this.  


Depending on the size of the garden, installing a Wi-Fi repeater in the immediate proximity of the balcony or garden door might suffice. If you want to provide the entire house with fast Wi-Fi anyway, we recommend using the high-performance Powerline or Mesh product. devolo devices can be attached anywhere where they are protected from direct sunlight and water – for example in a garden shed that has a socket.


  • Wi-Fi at the front door
  • Wi-Fi on the balcony
  • Wi-Fi on the terrace
  • Wi-Fi in the garden shed
  • Wi-Fi throughout the house

Wi-Fi at the front door


If you need fast Wi-Fi in front of the house – for example because you use a front garden or a Wi-Fi camera at the entrance – this is often easy to implement. 


Since many routers are located in the entrance area of ​​a house or apartment, a repeater can be sufficient if the distance is short enough to amplify the Wi-Fi signal through the house wall to the front door.

Illustration des Anwendungsfalls "WLAN vor der Haustür".

Wi-Fi on the balcony


A balcony is often more distant from the router. The Wi-Fi can therefore quickly weaken across thick walls and possibly even several floors. At this point it is worth using a Powerline device.


This transmits the Internet signal very easily via the existing power line and enables fast Wi-Fi in the immediate proximity of the balcony or roof terrace.

Illustration des Anwendungsfalls "WLAN auf dem Balkon".

Wi-Fi on the terrace


The terrace is usually still very close to the house. By installing a powerline adapter in the adjacent indoor area, you can easily extend your Wi-Fi to the closer garden area.


If the distance to the router is not too large, you can already achieve this by using a repeater. If you would like to provide a roof terrace with Wi-Fi, once again a powerline adapter should be used.

Illustration des Anwendungsfalls "WLAN auf der Terrasse".

Wi-Fi in the garden shed


Depending on the location, it is unlikely that your Wi-Fi will reach the garden shed. No problem: If the house and garden shed share an electrical circuit, you can simply use Powerline technology and plug in an additional adapter.


By the way, you can use Wi-Fi in the garage in just the same way. The big advantage: Depending on the location of the garden shed and garage, you can cover other parts of your garden with such an outdoor access point and enjoy excellent Wi-Fi outdoors. 

Illustration des Anwendungsfalls "WLAN im Garten".

Wi-Fi throughout the house


If you need strong Wi-Fi throughout the house, we recommend using the high-performance Powerline complete package with mesh functionality. Depending on the size and composition of your living space, you can cover practically your entire property with fast, stable Wi-Fi.


Try it first, expand later? No problem! The smart mesh functions of the devolo product world​​​​​​​ ensure maximum compatibility. You can start with a Wi-Fi solution and add more adapters later if necessary – for the best Wi-Fi in every room, at the front door, on the balcony, terrace and in the garden.

Illustration des Anwendungsfalls "WLAN im ganzen Haus".
Ein devolo-Powerline-Adapter wird mit der Wandsteckdose und dem Router verbunden.

Installation and implementation


Whether you want to use a repeater or a powerline solution to strengthen your Wi-Fi: products from devolo are very easy to set up in around 10 minutes. 



The Powerline setup at a glance: 


  • Step 1: Attach the Magic adapter next to the router and connect it via cable
  • Step 2: Place additional Powerline adapters in free sockets in the house, for example near the balcony or terrace
  • Step 3: Set up a Wi-Fi connection via the smartphone

The right Wi-Fi solution for your living situation

devolo Repeater plus ac und WLAN-Welle

devolo WiFi Repeater+ ac

  • Amplification of the Wi-Fi signal for adjacent rooms
  • For small- to medium-sized living areas (one floor)
  • For a few parallel users
  • Surfing with up to 1,200 Mbps
  • LAN ports for Ethernet connection






Application example: Forwards the Wi-Fi signal from the router to a closer outdoor area on the same floor – such as the front yard or terrace.



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devolo Powerline Adapter Magic 2 WiFi 6 in Kreisen mit WiFi-Zeichen

devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6

  • Extends the router's Wi-Fi signal via powerline and mesh connection
  • Suitable for several rooms, floors and users
  • Wi-Fi speed with up to 1,800 Mbps
  • Efficient, parallel use of data-hungry applications (e.g. 4k streaming)
  • Gigabit-LAN ports for Ethernet connection
  • Expandable at any time





Application example: Distribution of the Internet signal to the entire house or property. Perfect, for example, for the more distant balcony and the garden shed.



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4 devolo Adapter mit grüne WLAN-Zeichen

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