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Business customers / 17.03.2021

Stadtwerke Elmshorn and devolo AG cooperate on home networking for customers with fiber connections

Stadtwerke Elmshorn and devolo AG cooperate on home networking for customers with  fiber connections

Customers of E.Net, subsidiary of municipal utility Stadtwerke Elmshorn, are now benefiting from a technology partnership with devolo. The goal: no more time-consuming installation of cables to optimally position the router or set up Wi-Fi access points. In addition, subscribers for E.Net fiber offers benefit from a 25 percent discount on home networking products from the devolo Magic series and the new IP bridge devolo Fiber Connect. As part of the cooperation, devolo also handles billing, logistics and service for E.Net.

Creating the basis for digital life and work

"Working from home office, studying at home as well as home entertainment are important buzzwords, today, but also in the future," says Stephan Luerweg, project manager at E.Net. "For all applications, our customers need strong Internet in every corner. Through the new partnership with devolo, we are therefore enabling them to set up a powerful home network quickly, easily and at a much lower cost." This starts with an optimally positioned router and continues with a seamless home network across all rooms or floors.

Finding the right place for their router is a challenge, especially for customers with fiber connections in single-family homes: they often face the problem that the router must be placed near the optical network termination (ONT) because there are no network cables in the house and laying new cables would be complex and expensive. If the ONT is placed in an unfavourable location, for example in the basement or the utility room, this can lead to problems with Wi-Fi and wireless telephony coverage.

Place router optimally, set up seamless home network

This is where devolo's proven technology comes in, which uses existing cables for data transmission: customers simply connect the adapters of the Fiber Connect IP bridge to the ONT and to the router. The Internet signal is taken to the router with up to 250 Mbps via the power line. devolo also will introduce another bridge in the course of the year, which will use telephone and coaxial cables for data transmission at up to one gigabit.

Once the router has been optimally placed, the next step involves devolo's home networking solutions: they also use the existing power line like long data cables. Thick ceilings or solid walls are no longer an obstacle to the Internet signal; every socket in the house can become an access point, whether wirelessly or via LAN cable. The current flagship from devolo is devolo Magic 2 WiFi next. E.Net customers can now order it exclusively with a 25 percent discount. To take advantage of the discount, customers send an e-mail to and receive a voucher code. Then they go to the devolo online shop via the E.Net website or the devolo web pages and redeem it there for the various Magic kits or devolo Fiber Connect.

Partnership as a "win-win” solution

When the customer orders, devolo takes care of billing, shipping and customer service for E.Net. This way, both sides benefit: E.Net enables customers to solve the location problem for their router with minimal effort and build a seamless home network, while devolo can target users with its proven solutions. With this concept, devolo AG is expanding its commitment to support city carriers in their pioneering role in the roll-out of fiber optic connections - a concept that is suitable as a win-win solution for numerous other providers.v