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Business customers / 12.11.2020

devolo Fiber Connect brings fiber optic connections and routers together

devolo Fiber Connect brings fiber optic connections and routers together

Fiber optic Internet connections are spreading rapidly, but in many houses the fiber optic cable terminates behind the first wall. The ONT (Optical Network Termination) is then usually installed in the house connection room or basement. The problem is the connection between ONT and router: installing an Ethernet cable is complex and expensive but placing the router in the basement negatively impacts the Wi-Fi and DECT coverage in the house. Fiber Connect from devolo therefore simply brings ONT and router together - via the existing power line.
The Aachen-based powerline pioneer will present the new solution at the virtual FTTH Conference on 2 and 3 December 2020 (

devolo Fiber Connect is particularly suitable for local utility companies and city carriers: they want to enable their customers to use the performance of their connection throughout the entire house while keeping installation costs low. This is where the new solution comes in, as it can be installed quickly and easily by any user. devolo Fiber Connect consists of two handy adapters for the power outlet and works “plug & play”: one adapter is plugged into a power socket near the ONT and connected to it via Ethernet cable. The user places the second part of the solution in a socket near the router, connects the two devices via Ethernet cable as well - that's it. The devices are already pre-paired and preconfigured, the customer does not need to make any further settings.

Based on proven devolo technology

The new solution transports the Internet signal via the existing electrical wiring with up to 250 Mbps to the router, regardless of where in the house the user wishes to place the device. It is based on the latest generation of powerline communications (PLC), which has already been used millions of times in the proven consumer products by powerline pioneer devolo. It is based on the innovative standard, which enables high data rates and stable connectivity.

Secure and well equipped

Since the new devolo solution is used before the router and thus before the device's firewall, devolo has placed special emphasis on security. Special firmware settings ensure that devolo Fiber Connect is hidden from the outside; the devices communicate exclusively with each other. Communication is secured by
128-bit AES encryption. Another detail shows that the developers have thought of everything: The integrated sockets with built-in interference suppression filters in both adapters ensure that no socket is lost.

The concept and technology of devolo Fiber Connect will be presented by devolo at the FTTH Conference, which takes place on 2 and 3 December 2020 online. In addition to the new solution, devolo will also explain additional approaches to close the gap between ONT and router for example, via telephone line or coaxial cable.