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Business customers / 02.06.2021

devolo at ANGA COM DIGITAL: Giga Bridge closes gap between fibre optic connection and router

devolo at ANGA COM DIGITAL: Giga Bridge closes gap between fibre optic connection and router

At ANGA COM DIGITAL, devolo will present the new devolo Giga Bridge. The solution from the German-based network specialist is the answer to one of the major challenges during the rollout of fibre optic connections: an unfavourably positioned router. That's because the IP bridge enables the signal to be transported in single-family houses from the Optical Network Terminator (ONT) at gigabit speed via existing telephone cables or coaxial cables to the required router position. This benefits both, end customers and network operators. The devolo Giga Bridge will be available from the third quarter of 2021 onwards.

In many single-family houses the fibre optic connection ends at the ONT behind the first wall, i.e. in the cellar or in the main supply connection room. The problem: the router and the ONT must be connected. This is achieved either by positioning the router next to the termination point or by laying new cables as far as the required router position. In the first case the Wi-Fi coverage and wireless telephony reception suffer because the cellar or the main supply connection room are highly unfavourable locations to set up a router. The second case leads to expense, dirt and costs for additional house wiring all the way into the hallway or the living room – together with unsightly wiring ducts.

Clever alternative uses existing wiring

devolo is now offering network operators the Giga Bridge as a clever alternative comprising two adapters with an integrated 230 V pass-through. One adapter is placed in a power socket close to the ONT and connected to it by means of an Ethernet cable. The engineer from the telecommunications supplier or ISP then has two possibilities: either he can connect an unused coaxial cable or a free two-wire line (a telephone line) to the Giga Bridge. For this purpose, the adapter is equipped with an F socket and a RJ-45 port. Once the first part of the bridge has been wired, the second adapter is plugged in close to the desired router location, connected to a telephone socket or a multimedia socket by means of a cable, and then connected to the router via an Ethernet cable. Other configurations are not necessary, the adapters are paired automatically.

The fully installed Giga Bridge now transmits the signal via the Standard at a speed of up to 1 gigabit over the existing wires. The integrated power sockets ensure that no electrical connection is lost either in the vicinity of the ONT or the router.

Since the new devolo solution is used in front of the router and therefore in front of the device's firewall, devolo has paid special attention to security. Special firmware settings ensure that the Giga Bridge functions in stealth mode: it is "invisible" externally, the devices only communicate with each other. Communication is protected through 128-bit AES encryption.

Lower costs for FTTH rollout, benefits for network operators and end customers

The Giga Bridge is aimed at network operators wanting to optimise their fibre optic rollout, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Thanks to the easy installation, calculations made by devolo show that the installation time per customer can be reduced by up to 85 per cent compared with laying new cables.

Engineers from the network operator can therefore deal with far more customers every day, thus reducing expansion costs and substantially shortening the time customers have to wait for their fast connection. Another advantage in terms of the rollout costs: the installation service offered at flat-rate prices for additional lines barely covers the costs of network operators on many occasions. Due to the Giga Bridge, this ultimately unprofitable service need not be provided so often. Users will also be pleased about this because dust and unsightly wiring ducts are avoided, and they can place their router where it belongs, i.e. in the middle of the house. In future the Giga Bridge will extend devolo's "any wire" portfolio, which to date also contains the IP bridge devolo Fiber Connect. It transmits the signal from the ONT by means of Powerline Communication via existing power lines.

Full-service offer for partners such as municipal utilities or city carriers

As a home networking provider with many years of experience on the consumer market, devolo can supply both, highly efficient products and additional services. The company can, for example,

implement online shop solutions for municipal utilities or city network operators and perform, on request, customer service, logistics and fulfilment. Online purchasing advantages for new fibre optic customers are also possible through individual voucher codes. Customers can find out more about Giga Bridge and devolo's full-service offer during the virtual trade congress ANGA COM DIGITAL from 8 to 10 June 2021.

Technical details relating to Giga Bridge and Fiber Connect can be downloaded at: