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Business customers, Trade area, Private customers / 02.05.2022

Premiere at ANGA COM 2022! devolo bolsters fibre-optic portfolio: Giga Bridge Multipoint for in-home distribution of FTTH connections

Premiere at ANGA COM 2022! devolo bolsters fibre-optic portfolio: Giga Bridge Multipoint for in-home distribution of FTTH connections

Distribute the full speed of the fibre-optic connection throughout the home, without routing any cables – this is what the new Multipoint function of the devolo Giga Bridge offers. This further development of the devolo Giga Bridge uses a new network function to distribute the data of the broadband connection to any room. It is ideal for delivering the 4K/8K contents of IPTV applications right to the place they are needed – directly to end devices such as smart TVs and set-top boxes. Furthermore, other IP-based devices such as Wi-Fi access points and NAS network drives can also be networked. The Giga Bridge Multipoint uses existing coaxial lines or phone lines already in the building to accomplish this. Through this expansion of the functional range, devolo is bolstering its innovative FTTH product and enabling broader use. The devolo Giga Bridge with Multipoint function is celebrating its premiere at the ANGA COM 2022 fair.

Innovative network solution for fibre-optic connections

The number of fibre-optic connections in Germany is steadily growing, just like the need for higher bandwidth in the home. Now devolo is making the in-home distribution of quick Internet particularly easy. At a usable data rate of 1 Gbps, the devolo Giga Bridge now distributes the full gigabit speed of the fibre-optic connection to multiple coaxial connections in the home, thereby implementing a network without the need to route new cables. For optimal 4K/8K IPTV and perfect Internet browsing without loss in performance. Also ideal for direct, wired supply to distant Wi-Fi access points in the home.

Expansion of a successful product

With the Giga Bridge Multipoint function, devolo is carrying on the success story of the Giga Bridge. This functional enhancement to the point-to-point connection of the first firmware generation means that point-to-multipoint connections are also possible now. Both a star-shaped and "daisy chain" configuration can be used for coaxial lines. That makes the product particularly flexible. The central advantage is that multiple Giga Bridge Multipoint adapters bring the gigabit speed right into the rooms of the home where it is needed.

Universal support for all routers and home gateways

Installation of the devolo Giga Bridge couldn't be easier. All current routers and home gateways are supported. The integrated electrical socket ensures that no power outlet goes to waste and the Giga Bridge can easily be installed in addition. There is no need for further software or drivers. Users also benefit from the security: since communication between adapters is encrypted, the adapters are protected against unauthorised access.

Conserving resources by using existing cables

With the innovative Giga Bridge Multipoint approach, devolo makes clever use of existing resources in a building. Due to the fibre-optic connection, phone lines or coaxial networks are no longer needed. These serve a new purpose now – as a network connection. The central advantage is that the lines usually end right where a LAN connection is needed: right by TV sets or in a home office. As another resource-conserving feature, users of the first Giga Bridge generation are equally able to use the functional enhancement.

Easy set-up and low installation costs

Installation of the Giga Bridge couldn't be easier, and end customers can do it themselves. The Giga Bridge adapters are already preconfigured when shipped, so only the first device has to be connected to the coaxial connection socket and to the router that is connected to the fibre optics. This is how the IPTV or Internet signal reaches any connection socket via the free existing wiring in the home. There, another Giga Bridge adapter picks up the signal on this same path and sends it via Ethernet cable to the set-top box, smart TV, game console or Wi-Fi access point. Up to eight Giga Bridge adapters can be operated in one home network.

Benefits for Internet service providers

In addition to high acceptance and customer satisfaction due to the easy set-up, users and network operators benefit from the low installation costs. The use of existing wiring is considerably more cost-efficient than routing new lines. The Giga Bridge provides for a better user experience for all available services. Bandwidth-consuming TV content is transmitted securely and interference-free to TV sets, while distant Wi-Fi access points in the home can also be supplied through the wiring quickly and easily. The integrated TR-069 standard enables both remote maintenance and monitoring by network operators.

devolo Giga Bridge Multipoint premiere at ANGA COM 2022

Under the slogan "Gigabit Speed throughout the Home", the Giga Bridge Multipoint is celebrating its premiere at ANGA COM (Hall 7, Stand B60). Europe's leading convention and trade fair for broadband and media distribution takes place from 10 to 12 May 2022 in Cologne, Germany. Leading network operators, suppliers and content providers participate in the event, which will feature top issues such as gigabit networks, FTTX, 5G, OTT, app TV, cloud TV, video streaming, smart city and smart home – the perfect environment for the premiere of the Giga Bridge Multipoint. At ANGA COM, devolo will also be showing its innovative solutions in the "whole-home Wi-Fi" segment.