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Company, Business customers / 14.10.2021

Fiber rollout in the Wolfsburg region: WOBCOM offers devolo Giga Bridge

Fiber rollout in the Wolfsburg region: WOBCOM offers devolo Giga Bridge

Momentum for the fiber rollout in the Wolfsburg region: local provider WOBCOM GmbH is now offering customers the new devolo Giga Bridge to quickly and easily connect the fiber optic termination in the basement and the router in the center of the house. This eliminates the need to lay new network cables, as the solution uses the existing telephone line to transport data through the house at gigabit speeds. The devolo Giga Bridge is available from WOBCOM, a subsidiary of the municipal utility Wolfsburg, for 199.95 Euros. Customers can have it installed for an installation fee of 30 Euros.

More and more households are being connected to the future-proof, high-speed fiber-optic network in the telecommunications provider's Wolfsburg service area: WOBCOM aims to be able to offer most customers in Wolfsburg a fiber-optic service by 2023, and the company has already invested 75 million Euros of its own funds in network expansion in the region. "For us, however, it is not only the rapid expansion of the infrastructure to the customer that is important, but also bridging the last few meters from the termination point to the desired router location," says Dirk Hoffmann, WOBCOM Product Manager. "After all, full performance must be available where our customers need it. With the new solution from our partner devolo, this can be ensured quickly and easily."

When the optical fiber enters the house, it ends at the ONT (Optical Network Termination) in the basement or in the house connection room. But this creates a gap, because the ONT and router have to be connected. New network cables are therefore often laid, which causes additional costs and effort. Alternatively, the router can be placed near the ONT instead of in the usual location. However, basements or house connection rooms are usually unfavorable locations, as they usually only have a few sockets and Wi-Fi reception can be significantly limited. With the devolo Giga Bridge, single-family homeowners now have a clever and convenient alternative to close the gap between router and ONT.

Fast installation, high transmission rate

The devolo Giga Bridge consists of two adapters. Both have an integrated 230-volt pass-through, so customers can continue to use the wall outlets they need for the ONT and router power supplies anyway. One adapter is plugged in near the ONT and connected to it via network cable. Then the device is connected to a free, unused telephone line; the necessary connection material is included in the set.

Once part one of the bridge is wired, the second adapter is plugged in near the desired router location. It is then connected by cable to the telephone socket and the router's WAN port. No further configuration is required. The ready-installed bridge transports the signal via the standard with up to one gigabit over the existing lines. Special firmware settings ensure that the devolo Giga Bridge is not visible from the outside.

Installation service on request

With the new devolo Giga Bridge, WOBCOM customers will in future receive full service from a single source when booking a fiber optic connection. For a service fee of 30 Euros, WOBCOM technicians will professionally assemble and install the devolo Giga Bridge by appointment. The advantages for the customer: significantly reduced effort, less dirt, no unsightly cable ducts and lower costs compared to the classic house wiring to the living room by an external service provider.

The Wolfsburg-based company sells the devolo Giga Bridge with a connection set for telephone lines.