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Private customers, Business customers / 31.08.2021

devolo patent ensures optimal VDSL performance

devolo patent ensures optimal VDSL performance

Networking specialist devolo rolled out the new VDSL Performer feature with a firmware update for its Magic series. Patented by devolo, the function improves the smooth interaction of VDSL and Powerline Communication (PLC) by automatically ensuring that customers get the best possible performance – from their VDSL connection as well as Powerline home network.

Manual adjustment becomes unnecessary

Into the home with VDSL and then further in the house with PLC: that's how many customers obtain fast Internet in every corner. However, to ensure harmony between the two technologies and eliminate crosstalk, some users have to adapt their devolo PLC adapters to the respective VDSL profile beforehand. This can be done using the devolo Home Network app or the free devolo Cockpit software. VDSL Performer now takes on this task for devolo Magic adapters independently. The function was developed by devolo in close cooperation with leading international telecommunications providers and router manufacturers and submitted for patent approval.

Active dialogue between the router and Magic adapters

A PLC-based home network is typically set up as follows: One adapter is connected with the router via an Ethernet cable and feeds the PLC signal into the power grid. The customer plugs additional adapters into any desired electrical socket in the home to turn it into an Internet access point.

VDSL Performer is based on the exchange between the VDSL router and Magic adapters. The adapters independently retrieve various parameters from the router, including the VDSL or profile on the customer connection and data about signal quality. Then, each adapter calculates its own possible influence on the data transmission and adjusts the respective transmission level accordingly. Another automatic measurement checks the settings a few hours later. In this way, the optimal transmission power is determined for each connection and each adapter and maximum performance is ensured.

Minimal effort for maximum performance

Most customers are already benefiting from VDSL Performer, without having had to do anything. If the default automatic update function of their devolo Magic adapters is activated, the new feature has already been installed on their devices. Customers who deliberately deselected the auto-update option during the installation of devolo Magic can easily integrate the function into the adapters by running a manual firmware update.

To do so, simply use the devolo Home Network app or the devolo Cockpit. To enable the exchange of information between the router and PLC adapters, standard protocol TR-064 must be activated on the router. If the home router does not support the standard protocol, users can still adjust their adapters to the respective VDSL profile using the devolo Home Network app or via devolo Cockpit.